Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perfect Game 23: 3rd in 2012, 2nd at Safeco Field

With Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez hurling a perfect game, striking out the last batter he faced (looking), the baseball community has now seen the 23rd perfect game in MLB history, 1st in Mariners franchise history, third of the 2012 season and second at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington.

In April, the Mariners were victimized by White Sox pitcher Phil Humber's first career no-no and perfect game.

As Hernandez's perfecto marks the sixth no-hitter of the 2012 season, MLB remains on pace to break the all-time record dating back to George Bradley's no-hitter in 1876; since that time, baseball has never seen more than seven no-hitters during any single season.

Discussed after the Matt Cain no-hitter, several 2012 no-nos have had at least one close call or other controversy that has resulted in nearly one third of voters in this poll liken an incorrect call in favor of the defense during a no-hitter to the Jim Joyce-Armando Galarraga saga—in reverse.

This is pertinent information, as for the first time this season, a manager was ejected from the no-hitter in progress for arguing a potential missed call: Rays skipper Joe Maddon was run by home plate umpire Rob Drake for arguing a strike call replays indicate was the wrong one.
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So, does Maddon have merit? Was Drake's strike zone lopsided in favor of King Felix? As is UEFL tradition for perfect games and no-hitters, here is the statistical breakdown of Hernandez's effort as called by Drake:

Total Pitches thrown by Hernandez: 113
Total Non-Callable Pitches: 59 (24 Swinging Strikes, 18 Foul Balls, 15 In Play [Out], 2 Foul Tips)
Callable Pitches: 54
Balls: 36
Called Strikes: 18

Correct Called Balls: 35
Incorrect Called Balls (Called balls within the strike zone): 1
Correct Ball %: 97.2

Correct Called Strikes: 13
Incorrect Called Strikes (Called strikes outside the strike zone): 5
Correct Strike %: <90.0

Correct % of Called Pitches: <90.0%

Pitch f/x courtesy Brooks Baseball (click the image to enlarge)


Anonymous said...

Can we see his plot for Hernandez vs his plot for all the Rays pitchers?

And his correct/incorrect numbers for them too?

Would be nice to make the comparison.

Lindsay said...

The Rays threw two pitchers with the following stats:

Balls: 44/48 = 91.7%
Strikes: 14/17 = <90.0%
Total: <90.0%

Anonymous said...

So, adding up the totals here is the breakdown of Drake Today.

Balls: 79/84= 94.0%
Strikes: 27/35= <90.0% (77.1% to be exact)
Total: 106/119= <90.0% (89.1% to be exact)

wwjd said...

That doesn't seem like a horrible plate job.

Russ said...

Mike Everitt ejected Bobby Valentine and Adrian Gonzalez for arguing that a quick pitch should have been called. They were ejected from the dugout.

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