Saturday, March 23, 2013

UEFL Draft 2013: Appeals Board Election

The 2013 UEFL Appeals Board election is now open. Pursuant to Rule 6-4-a, the UEFL has established an Appeals Board to rule on issues of Quality of Correctness. The Commissioner has additionally vested this Board with the responsibility of adjudicating similar points affecting variables, as defined by Rule 6-2, including, but not limited to, umpire classification and name of ejector.

In accordance with a 2012 Rules Summit decision, RichMSN, tmac and yawetag were re-elected to the 2013 Appeals Board, which leaves a minimum of two vacancies. The pre-season election takes the form of a plurality-at-large voting system, such that top vote recipients are elected until no additional vacancies exist (6-4-a-2-a). The Commissioner, at sole discretion, may fill or leave vacant the sixth and seventh seats (...2-b).

Listed in random order, the following five candidates have been nominated for the 2013 UEFL Appeals Board; you may vote for as many or as few candidates as you wish. Following candidate statements, which are reproduced below, is the ballot. This ballot closes on Friday, March 29, 2013.

Turducken: Observed the league for two years, participated last year. Frequently check the site, and have access to MLB Extra Innings. Have officiated HS baseball, and made it as far as A in my professional career. Familiar with MLB rules, possess old style formal written copy. Prompt for review on all case plays, and will use best judgment. Would be honored to serve.

wwjd220: I have been a non participant for 4 years and feel i have gained a understanding of the rules of the game I have no umpiring experience but have been a offical scorer at the high scool level for 8 years so I am confident that if given the chance I can do this job.

youthministeradam: Frequent visitor and contributor to the boards here. Current official in the sports of basketball and baseball at the high school and junior college levels. Lifelong fan of the game of baseball and it's principles.

BT_Blue: I love this game and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the UEFL. This year I would like to increase my involvement by filling one of the open At-Large Appeals Board positions. I have almost 20 years of experience as a baseball umpire at levels ranging from youth ball through college and even some semi pro. If selected I look forward to being a large part of this league and the Appeals Board. Thank you.

BrooklynUmp: An umpire for over 11 years, I am dedicated to ensuring that my rules knowledge is accurate and current. I frequent the UEFL on a daily basis: both during the season to view ejections and during the offseason to stay current on the latest umpire news. I view each ejection and controversial play objectively, going so far as to not view the League's initial ruling to ensure objectivity. In addition to umpiring baseball, I also referee flag football (12 years) and indoor soccer (11 years), and I belong on the board of directors of two local sports leagues, where I rule on protests, ejections, and suspensions.

CricketChapman: 10 years of umpiring experience, with most games played under OBR (High School FED games being the exception); Serve on Board of Directors of largest Babe Ruth program in TN; Chairman of Rules Committee; 2L Law School Student, with limited practice license in TN jurisdictions; Long-time UEFL follower and commentator. I pledge to be an objective decision-maker with a strong adherence to prior precedent, the UEFL Rule Book, and the glorious OBR.

2013 UEFL Appeals Board Election


Lindsay said...

'high scool level' ... looks like someone needs to go back to high school, eh?

I'm voting for Turducken, BT_Blue, and BrooklynUmp.

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