Thursday, May 16, 2013

Towel Violation: NBA Case Book Addresses Thrown Objects

Midway through the third quarter of Oklahoma City's Game 5 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, Thunder guard Derek Fisher attempted a three-point field goal in the corner and in front of the Grizzlies bench when a towel came flying in from off the court, landing several feet inside the three-point arc. The basketball subsequently clanked off the rim and out of the basket.

Thrown towel distracts Fisher.
According to NBA Case Book play 330, if Player A1 is in the act of shooting when B1 throws a shoe in the direction of the ball, A1 shall be awarded points for the type of field goal attempted and B1 shall be charged with a technical foul. The Case Play further states that this same ruling shall apply for any object thrown by any player, coach or trainer either on the court or on the bench and whether or not the thrown object contacts the ball or the shooter.

Relevant Rule cites are 2-III and 12A-V-a, which call for a scored field goal and assessed technical foul.

Which is exactly what calling official Marc Davis did and, upon consultation with crew chief Danny Crawford and fellow referee Jason Phillips, is exactly what call stood on the floor: score the three, call the T.

Video: Tony Allen's Towel Disaster as the Grizzlies bench player launches cloth at a flying Fish


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