Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wardrobe Malfunction: Snapback Cap, Top Strike San Diego

The infamous snapback MLB umpire cap isn't just an Angel Hernandez exclusive anymore. It's latest victim? Jeff Nelson, albeit if only for a few fleeting moments in the course of a lengthy baseball season.

The 1st inning at Petco Park featured several
miscues, including Bryce Harper's base-running
blunder and Nelson's uniform faux pas.
Thursday's Nationals-Padres game featured a uniform mishap for Nelson, who flew from Detroit and the Astros' 7-5 victory over the Tigers on Wednesday to join crewmates DJ Reyburn, Lance Barksdale and Vic Carapazza, who on Wednesday worked under the supervision of acting crew chief Kerwin Danley for the Rangers-A's series in Oakland. Tuesday's Texas-Oakland game featured Reyburn's ejection of A's skipper Bob Melvin.

Nelson, who took the field in the first inning wearing a snapback black cap and generic umpire's jacket with white shoulder piping, received his reprieve (and delivery) later that evening, ultimately changing out of the loaner clothing and into his No. 45 jacket with customary royal blue shoulder rings.


Lindsay said...

At least there is an excuse for this. Hernandez wore his for a whole series!

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