Monday, July 29, 2013

Injury Update: Wolf Back to MLB Work, Hickox Still Out

Umpires Jim Wolf and Ed Hickox have effectively switched places on Jim Joyce's crew with Wolf appearing in Chicago Monday night for his first MLB game in two months while Hickox remains sidelined after an injury.

Wolf's rehab to the Major Leagues began and concluded in Charlotte, lasting a period of approximately 10 days during which Jim worked Knights home games in Triple-A's International League. Wolf was assigned to the position of 2B Umpire for Monday's Brewers-Cubs game.

Hickox has not appeared in a professional contest since receiving a probable concussion on July 12 when he took a foul ball to the head off of a 99 miles-per-hour fastball. Hickox appeared staggered by the shot though was able to remain in the game to its completion, working the remaining 8th and 9th innings.

Joining acting crew chief Jeff Nelson (HP), Wolf (2B) and Jim Reynolds (1B; from John Hirschbeck's crew) at Wrigley Field is MiLB call-up umpire Mike Estabrook, at third base. Joyce's crew did not work MLB games last week, a timely vacation given the circumstances.


Lindsay said...

Jim Joyce is still on vacation. Jim Reynolds is replacing him. DJ Reyburn is working 2b in Hirshbeck's crew.

Lindsay said...

Jerry Meals tossed John Farrell. they showed the replays on MLB tonight and it looked like Daniel Nava was safe.

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