Thursday, July 18, 2013

UEFL at a Glance: 2013 Midseason Review

As the All-Star break ends, it's time for a UEFL midseason review of umpire ejections, the calls and characters that got us here. From teams to players and beyond, here is a recap of all the first-half action:
This fight helped Fagan claim the ejections lead.

By Umpire (Total Ejections):
8 Ejections; Clint Fagan (Ejections 057, 058 [Yadier Molina, Mike Matheny], Ejections 071-076 [Ian Kennedy, Kirk Gibson, Turner Ward, Mark McGwire, Yasiel Puig, Ronald Belisario]).
5 Ejections; Sam Holbrook (Ejections 003-006 [Carlos Quentin, Zack Greinke, Jerry Hairston Jr., Matt Kemp], Ejection 010 [B.J. Upton]).
5 Ejections; Marty Foster (Ejections 028, 029 [Joe Maddon, Edwin Encarnacion], Ejection 041 [Chris Getz], Ejections 045, 046 [Billy Butler, Mike Scioscia]).
4 Ejections; Dan Bellino, Chad Fairchild, Angel Hernandez, Tim Timmons.
3 Ejections; Baker, Fletcher, Hallion, Iassogna, Knight, Reynolds, Wendelstedt.
2; Bell, Bucknor, Carapazza, Darling, DiMuro, Hirschbeck, Marquez, Reyburn, Tichenor, Welke, West.
... 0 Ejections; Barksdale, L Barrett, T Barrett, Blaser, Carlson, Cederstrom, Culbreth, Danley, Davidson, Davis, DeMuth, Drake, Dreckman, Emmel, Estabrook, G Gibson, T Gibson, Gorman, Hamari, Hickox, Hoye, Hudson, Joyce, Kulpa, Layne, McClelland, Meals, Muchlinski, Nauert, Nelson, O'Nora, Rackley, Ripperger, Schrieber, T Welke, Wolf.

By Umpire (Total Points and Accuracy):
28 Points; Clint Fagan (100% Accuracy, 2 Correct / 2 QOC Callable Ejections [e.g., non-irrecusable]).
13 Points; Chad Fairchild (100%, 3/3).
12 Points; Dan Bellino (100%, 3/3), Andy Fletcher (100%, 3/3), Sam Holbrook (100%, 3/3).
11 Points; Dan Iassogna (100%, 3/3), Brian Knight (100%, 3/3).
10 Points; Hunter Wendelstedt (100%, 2/2), Angel Hernandez (75%, 3/4).
... -4 Points; Bill Welke (0%, 2/2).

The fight also added 6 pts to
Gorman's crew's total count.
By Umpire (Crew Chief Points):
8 Points; Brian Gorman (6 points incurred during the LAD-ARI fight).
6 Points; Sam Holbrook, Jeff Kellogg, Tim Welke, Mike Winters.
5 Points; Gerry Davis, Dana DeMuth, John Hirschbeck.
4 Points; Wally Bell, Tom Hallion, Jerry Layne.
3 Points; Ted Barrett, Tim McClelland, Dale Scott, Joe West.

By Team (Total Ejections) [43 AL, 54 NL / Division Leader is NL West (24)]:
8 Ejections; Los Angeles Dodgers (6 during fights), Toronto Blue Jays.
7 Ejections; Arizona Diamondbacks.
6 Ejections; Pittsburgh Pirates.
5 Ejections; Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics.
4 Ejections; New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, Tampa Bay Rays.
... 0 Ejections; Cincinnati Reds, Houston Astros

By Coach or Manager (Total Ejections):
4 Ejections; John Gibbons (Umpires made the correct call 3-of-4 times).
3 Ejections; Bruce Bochy, Ron Gardenhire, Clint Hurdle, Bob Melvin, Joe Maddon, Dale Sveum.
2 Ejections; Bud Black, Terry Collins, Francona, Kirk Gibson, Fredi Gonzalez, Mike Matheny, Redmond.

By Player (Total Ejections [Amongst players ejected twice this year, Umpires are 100% Accurate])
2 Ejections; Billy Butler (both NEC), Bryce Harper (both Correct Calls), B.J. Upton (both Correct Calls).

By UEFL League Member (Total Points):
51 Points; Turducken (Gary Darling -cc, Fairchild/Bellino -prm, Holbrook/Knight -sec).
46 Points; NorthStarUmpire#2 (Gerry Davis -cc, Baker/Holbrook -prm, Wendelstedt/Wegner -sec).
40 Points; toss 'em (Gary Darling -cc, Marquez/Holbrook -prm, Wendelstedt/Bellino -sec).
39 Points; Niicker (Joe West -cc, Hernandez/Wendelstedt -prm, Bellino/Iassogna -sec).
39 Points; RadioPearl (Gary Darling -cc, Bellino/Iassogna -prm, Marquez/Carapazza -sec).

By Reason: 38 Balls/Strikes, 22 Safe/Out, 10 Throwing At, 8 Fighting, 6 Int/Obstruct, 4 Fair/Foul, 2 Balk.
By Umpire Position: 71 Home Plate, 12 First Base, 9 Second Base, 5 Third Base.
By Day of Week: Tuesday (20), Saturday (19), Thursday/Sunday (16), Friday (13), Mon (8), Wed (5).
By Inning: 7th (21), 6th (16), 8th (13), 9th (12), 3rd (9), 4/5th (8), 1/2nd (4), 11th (1) / 44 Top, 53 Bot.
By Position (O/D): 57 Offense, 40 Defense (44 Visiting Team, 53 Home Team).
Quality of Correctness: 72.3% Accuracy, including... 47 Correct Calls, 18 Incorrect Calls [32 Irrecusable].
Prior to Ejection, Batters were hitting... 18-for-82, or .220.
Runs Scored After Ejection: 116 / Runs Allowed After Ejection: 178.
Prior to Ejection (Game Situation): 24 Winning, 51 Losing, 22 Tied.
After Ejection (Game Outcome): 29 Wins, 68 Losses (+5 Wins, +17 Losses).

UEFL Appeals Board: 30 Attempted Appeals of which 8 were denied = 22 adjudicated Appeals.
Of these 22, 21 were affirmed while one was reversed [incorrect to irrecusable] (95.5% rate of affirmation).


Lindsay said...

I don't believe it... Balkin Bob Davidson has reached the half-way mark with zero ejections.

Lindsay said...

I was just thinking as I was reading that was the biggest surprise up there!

Lindsay said...

You forgot about Quinn Wolcott who has 0 ejections.

Lindsay said...

Will Little also has 1

Lindsay said...

What a surprise.....Marty Foster among the leaders.

Lindsay said...

I was surprised too, though he has really toned it down since the suspension last year. I wonder if that affected him

Lindsay said...

Where's Jim Wolf at???

Lindsay said...

I heard that Wolf is on the DL with a Back Injury.

Lindsay said...


Lindsay said...

So from a points standpoint people are looking for a brawl of the magnitude of the LAD-ARI one so that Fagan can be knocked off his golden throne.

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