Friday, November 29, 2013

Final Results: 2013 UEFL Rules Summit

Final results for the 2013 UEFL Rules Summit are in. The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces the following rules changes for the 2014 UEFL Season. The results of the Summit have been referred to the UEFL Rules Committee for formal codification and adoption (the 2014 UEFL Rules will be released prior to standard registration, by February 2014):

3-3-a: Incorporation of Instant Replay Challenges (Crew Chiefs), pending MLB adoption of expanded replay.
➤ Points as follows... Upheld/Correct: +1, Overturned/Incorrect: -1 (40%; 35% [+1, +0]; 16% [+.5,-.5])

4-2-b/c: Instant Replay Review (Challenge) ejections will be treated similarly to umpire consultation ejections.
4-7: Incorporation of Instant Replay Challenges (Primary/Secondary Umpires), pending MLB adoption.
➤ Points as follows... Upheld/Correct: +1, Overturned/Incorrect: -1 (44%; 19% [+2, -1]; 16% [+1, -0])

6-1: Filing an appeal will be restricted to UEFL members with no restriction on # of appeals/season 23%).
➤ Points for Original Ruling Upheld (appeal unsuccessful): -1 (65%; vs. 33% [-0] vs. 2% [-2])
➤ Points for Original Ruling Overturned (appeal successful): +1 (56%; vs. 44% [+0])
6-5-b-8: If, after appeal, the Original Ruling is overturned, the post shall be edited to reflect the revised Ruling.
6-5-c: Pitch count descriptors will be assigned to define the "realistic effect" or difference ball/strike QOC.

2014 UEFL Appeals Board: Gil, Jeremy, RichMSN, tmac, BT_Blue, Turducken, [vacancies via '14 election]

Thank you all for participating in the 2013 UEFL Rules Summit and we'll see you in 2014. Now stay tuned for the December feature, "Top 25 Ejections of 2013" as well as quasi-weekly updates on ejections around the sports world, including the Australian Baseball League (ABL) and Caribbean Winter Leagues, featuring MiLB umpires such as Ryan Blakney, Ben May, Jon Saphire (Venezuela); Kelvin Bultron (Roberto Clemente); Jonathan Bailey and Adam Hamari (Dominican). Former MLB fill-in umpire Delfin Colon (Roberto Clemente) and WBC alumns such as Paul Hyham (Australia), Carlos Rey and Jair Fernandez (Mexicana del Pacifico) also work these winter ball leagues.


Lindsay said...

Roberto Clemente isn't a country.

Lindsay said...

The Puerto Rico Baseball Leagie has been known as the Roberto Clemente league since 2012 in honor of Clemente

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