Sunday, November 24, 2013

Results: 2013 Rules Summit

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2013 Rules Summit has concluded its first round of voting. The following includes a list of proposals and initiatives which have been adopted and those rejected or subject to further review by the UEFL Office of the Commissioner. These proposals are now rules and will take immediate effect.

**The 2013 Summit has resulted in the necessitation of a run-off vote. Click here to jump to this ballot.**

Key: Measures in bold have passed and are now rules. Proposals in italics did not pass and are not adopted.

3-3-a: Crew Chief Points, Incorrect Call (49%). CC QOC points structure will remain at 2013 levels.
3-3-b: Crew Chief Points, Instant Replay Challenge (68%). Points to be determined via run-off ballot.

4-2-b/c: Instant Replay Review and Consultation (98%). IR added to instances of "umpire consultation."
4-4-i: Active Duty Death and the Wally Bell Memorial Award (49%). Addressed on case-by-case basis.
4-7: Instant Replay Challenges (84%). Now tracking IR. Points to be determined via run-off ballot.

6-1: Restriction on Appeal Eligibility (80%). Only UEFL'ers may file appeal. Terms via run-off ballot.
6-1: Refiling or Re-Challenging a Ruling (45%). Appeals may only be filed once per ejection(s) event.
6-2-b-5-c: Throwing of Equipment as Irrecusable (50%). Addressed on case-by-case basis.
6-2-b-5-d: Check Swings as Irrecusable (30%). Check swings assigned QOC status, as previous.
6-5-b-8: Post-Appeal Editing of Original Post (82%). Description must reflect revised QOC.
6-5-c: Defining the Realistic Different Outcome (56%). Pitch count descriptors assigned for QOC.
8-3: Entry Fee (22%). UEFL remains free to join.

Appeals-1: BT_Blue (71%). BT_Blue is elected to the 2014 Appeals Board.
Appeals-2: RichMSN (90%). RichMSN is elected to the 2014 Appeals Board.
Appeals-3: tmac (84%). tmac is elected to the 2014 Appeals Board.
Appeals-4: Turducken (79%). Turducken is elected to the 2014 Appeals Board.

Registration for the 2014 UEFL, Appeals Board nomination and sign up information, including information regarding the Crew, Primary and Secondary Umpires' drafts, will be available by February 2014.

Click the below "Read more" link to access the run-off election ballot. It will close Thursday at 11:59 PM PT.


Lindsay said...

Hey Gil just wondered how many more votes did the equipment throwing need to pass. WWJD220

Lindsay said...

It needed one for an absolute majority. The vote was tied... which means those plays still get to go to the Appeals Board if desired.

Lindsay said...

I understand the thought behind this proposal. However, throwing the equipment in disgust of a call is the reason for the ejection and still has nothing to do with QOC of the call in question. That's why I believe they should not be irrecusable. Irrecusable should remain for plays in which QOC is impossible to determine or in which no "call-able play" preceded the argument or act that leads to an ejection.

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