Saturday, March 28, 2015

Non-Roster AAA Umps Get Call in Final Days of Spring

Several non-roster AAA umpires joined Spring Training as the annual MLB March tune-up entered its final week.

Then-AA Umpire Max Guyll ejects Bryce
Harper during a 2011 Eastern League game.
For clarity's sake, these are non-Spring Training roster invites—MiLB call-ups Ryan Blakney, Ryan Goodman, Nick Lentz, Carlos Torres, and Doug Vines have been working the full slate in Arizona and Florida alongside their sleeve-numbered colleagues. Having concluded their 2015 Minor League Spring Training meetings, the following umpires have been given Major League pre-season opportunities (this list will be updated as the final week of Spring Training progresses):

Florida - Grapefruit League
Brian De Brauwere (AAA Affiliation: International League) - 4/4
Ramon DeJesus (AAA Affiliation: Pacific Coast League) - 4/2, 4/4
Max Guyll (AAA Affiliation: IL) - 3/28
Tom Honec (AAA Affiliation: IL) - 4/3
Brandon Henson (AAA Affiliation: IL) - 4/2, 4/3
Robert Moreno (AAA Affiliation: IL) - 4/2
Roberto Ortiz (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 4/2

Arizona - Cactus League
Eric Arenn (AAA Affiliation: None) - 3/29
Joseph Born (AAA Affiliation: International League) - 3/29, 4/4
William "Billy" Cunha (AAA Affiliation: Pacific Coast League) - 4/2
Travis Eggert (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 3/28, 4/3
Spencer Flynn (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 4/1
Kolin Kline (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 4/4
Shaun Lampe (AAA Affiliation: PCL; was on the 2014 Spring Training roster) - 3/28, 4/4
Nick Mahrley (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 4/3, 4/4
Jeff Morrow (AAA Affiliation: PCL; was on the 2014 Spring Training roster) - 3/29
Alex Ortiz (AAA Affiliation: PCL; was on the 2014 Spring Training roster) - 3/28
Alberto Ruiz (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 3/29, 4/1, 4/3
Greg Stanzak (AAA Affiliation: PCL) - 3/28

All Saturday, March 28 non-roster invitees were assigned to the home plate umpire position.
Umpires on all other days were assigned to various roles (plate/bases).


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