Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Athletics, Melvin File Ill-Fated Protest Over Replay

Oakland Athletics Manager Bob Melvin protested Tuesday's game over an overturned Replay Review ruling, as the result of an A's challenge, that essentially swapped baserunners at first base.

With none out and a runner on first in the top of the 3rd inning of Houston vs Oakland, Astros batter Jake Marisnick popped up a bunt to A's first baseman Yonder Alonso, who allowed the ball to drop untouched to the ground before fielding it and attempting to tag Marisnick as he slid for the bag.

1B Umpire Clint Fagan ruled Marisnick "safe" at first base, after which Astros baserunner R1 Teoscar Hernandez stepped off of the bag, and Alonso tagged him, resulting in an "out" call.

As a result of the ensuing Replay Review, the Replay Official determined Fagan's ruling that Marisnick had not been tagged was erroneous, and thus overturned the call. In regards to Hernandez, the Replay Official ruled that, had the proper call been made, Hernandez would have safely remained at first base. Melvin contended that the A's were entitled to a double play.

Replays indicate Hernandez did not vacate first base until after Fagan's safe call.

A's skipper Melvin opted to protest the game with Crew Chief Mike Winters, which marks Melvin's second consecutive protest filed over a Replay Review decision that Melvin disagreed with. On July 2, 2014, Melvin protested the decision to score a baserunner when Vic Carapazza's bases-loaded safe call at first base was overturned. Melvin asserted that had Carapazza's call at first base been "out" (and thus removed the force), A's catcher Stephen Vogt would have attempted to tag baserunner R3 scoring from third base, instead of simply stepping on home plate for the force.

Melvin lost that protest as the result of Replay Regulation II.K.4, which states, "No protest shall ever be permitted on judgment decisions by the Replay Official. Moreover, a violation of any rule or procedure set forth herein shall not constitute a basis for protesting a game."

Wrap: Houston Astros vs. Oakland Athletics, 9/20/16 | Video available via "read more."


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