Wednesday, September 7, 2016

MiLB 2016 Postseason Umpire Roster - PCL & IL Playoffs

The following umpires will officiate the 2016 MiLB postseason, including the Pacific Coast League and International League semi-finals, League championships, and AAA championship, according to a source. The following umpire crews are listed in their Game 1 alignment.

ROUND 1 - IL and PCL Conference Championship Series
International League Semifinal 1 (IL-S1/GWN vs COL)
HP: Derrick Mollica* -cc
1B: Jonathan Bailey
2B: Joe Born*
3B: Roberto Ortiz

International League Semifinal 2 (IL-S2/SWB vs LVH)
HP: Ben May#^ -cc
1B: Joey Amaral*
2B: Max Guyll*
3B: Jeremy Riggs

Pacific Coast League Semifinal 1 - American Conference (PCL-1/NSH vs OKC)
HP: Anthony "AJ" Johnson*^ -cc
1B: Nick Mahrley*
2B: Alberto Ruiz*
3B: Travis Eggert

Pacific Coast League Semifinal 2 - Pacific Conference (PCL-2/TAC vs ELP)
HP: Alex Ortiz* -cc
1B: Chris Gonzalez*
2B: Brett Terry
3B: Thomas Newsom*

ROUND 2 - IL and PCL League Championship Series
International League Championship (IL/GWN or COL vs SWB or LVH)
HP: Ben May #^ -cc
1B: Joe Born*
2B: Derrick Mollica*
3B: Max Guyll*

Pacific Coast League Championship (PCL/NSH or OKC vs TAC or ELP)
HP: Alex Ortiz* -cc
1B: Anthony "AJ" Johnson*^
2B: Nick Mahrley*
3B: Thomas Newsom*

ROUND 3 - Triple-A Championship Series/Game (IL Champion vs PCL Champion)
HP: Alex Ortiz* -cc [Representing the Pacific Coast League].
1B: Ben May#^ [Representing the International League].
2B: Nick Mahrley* [Representing the Pacific Coast League].
3B: Derrick Mollica* [Representing the International League].

-cc denotes playoffs crew chief, * denotes regular season crew chief in Triple-A, # denotes AAA rover, ^ denotes MLB fill-in umpire.


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