Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Australian Baseball Championship Umpires

Umpires for the 2017 Australian Baseball League Championship Series watched Brisbane defeat Melbourne two games to none earlier this month, with the following officials selected work the ABLCS:

Game 1 Assignment - Game 2 Assignment: Umpire Name.
HP - 3B: Takahito Matsuda.
1B - HP: Mal Mackay
2B - 1B: Trent Thomas.
3B - 2B: Tom West.

> Matsuda also presided as Crew Chief during the 2016-17 ABL All-Star Game in Melbourne, and officiates in the Minor League Baseball system.
> Mackay and Thomas officiated the exhibition series between the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, and Team Australia during MLB's 2014 Opening Series festivities in Sydney.
> West, like Matsuda, officiates MiLB ball.

Umpires who officiated the postseason's semifinal round/play-in series included (*ABLCS Umpire):
Blake Halligan (U3 [Gm 1] at Adelaide)
Paul Latta (U2 [Gm 2] & U2 [Gm 3] at Brisbane)
Takahito Matsuda* (PU [Gm 1] at Adelaide)
Mal Mackay* (U3 [Gm 2] & PU [Gm 3] at Brisbane)
Ian Reval (U2 [Gm 1] at Adelaide)
James Shields (U1 [Gm 2] & U3 [Gm 3] at Brisbane)
Payne Sowter (U1 [Gm 1] at Adelaide)
Tom West* (PU [Gm 2] & U1 [Gm 3] at Brisbane)


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