Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Rules Mods, Including IBB Change, Announced

MLB officially announced several rules changes, including a 30-second challenge time limit and no-pitch intentional walk. The following modifications were agreed upon by Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association, and will go into effect for the 2017 season:

> No-Pitch Intentional Walks. As first reported last month, traditional intentional walks have been eliminated in favor of a no-pitch "take your base" solution, which is expected to save time.
> 30-Second Manager's Challenge Decision Time Limit. Also reported last month, Managers will no longer be permitted to indefinitely delay or "hold" their decision of whether or not to exercise their Manager's Challenge. The new time limit for this decision is 30 seconds.
Say goodbye to Turning the Umpire.
> Two-Minute Guideline for Replay Officials in NY. Similarly, umpires viewing video replay will now be subject to a two-minute guideline for making their decision. The 2:00 time is conditional and subject to various exemptions, such as a Replay Supervisor's override request.
> Crew Chief Reviews Now Begin in the 8th Inning. The previous Replay Review Regulation stated that a Crew Chief Review could be initiated on behalf of a team out of challenges beginning in the 7th inning. This modification changes the 7th inning (2014-2016) to the 8th inning (2017-). Home-run reviews are not affected and will continue in their present form.
> Markers on the Field Prohibited. Fielders may no longer use any foreign markers on the field of play for reference (e.g., defensive positioning).
Base coaches shall stand within their box.
> Balk (5.07, 6.02(a), 6.02(b)). Pitchers may not take a second step toward home plate with either foot or otherwise reset a pivot foot in his delivery of the pitch. Penalty: Balk (runners on) or Illegal Pitch (bases empty). Video: Carter Capps' crow-hop is now illegal.
> Base Coaches (5.03). 1B and 3B Coaches are prohibited from standing in front of (closer to home plate) the coach's box line perpendicular to the foul line and inside of (closer to the base) the coach's box line parallel to the foul line prior to a ball being put in play, and may not interfere or draw a throw once play has begun. In other words, coaches must stay in their boxes until play begins.


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