Monday, March 27, 2017

Presenting the 2017 UEFL Appeals Board

The 2017 UEFL Appeals Board roster is now final and features eight returning members and two new-comers.* Throughout the season, the Appeals Board will contribute to challenges, appeals, check swing rulings, and other matters referred to the Board pursuant to procedures specified within the UEFL Rules. Appeals Board decisions and pending cases will be posted throughout the year to the UEFL Portal's 2017 Appeals Board page. The following members were selected to represent the Appeals Board for the 2017 UEFL season:

UEFL Commissioner Gil Imber, Chair & Appellate Interpreter - Ex-Officio Member (Rule 6-4-a-1).
» Founder and owner, Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's The Left Field Corner (2006-11) and Close Call Sports (2011-present)...Rules Featured Columnist, Bleacher Report (2011-2013)...Former football and baseball, present basketball official...UEFL Appeals Board (2012-present).

*Deputy UEFL Commissioner Jeremy Dircks - Ex-Officio Member (Rule 6-4-a-1). SABBATICAL.
» Umpire Ejection Fantasy League and Close Call Sports Staff (2011-present)...Former Kern County football, basketball and baseball official...Officer, United States Navy...UEFL Appeals Board (2012-present).*

Assistant UEFL Commissioner tmac - Ex-Officio Member (Rule 6-4-a-1).
» Former baseball official...Has worked with several present MiLB and MLB umpires...UEFL Appeals Board (2012-present).

Charter Member RichMSN - Permanent Seat on Appeals Board.
» 26 years umpiring experience, high school and college...Ardent student of the rules; Jim Evans Annotated, Jaksa/Roder, Wendelstedt Manual, PBUC Manual, Childress BRD, MLB Umpire Manual Rule Interpretations...Returning for a sixth term on the UEFL Appeals Board (2012-present).

Senior Member Arik G - Elected via 2016 UEFL Rules Summit ballot (75%).
» About 20 years of umpiring experience, youth through college and semi-professional...Returning for a fifth term on the UEFL Appeals Board (2013-present).

Ranking Member cyclone14Elected via 2016 UEFL Rules Summit ballot (76%).
» High school umpire and UEFL participant since The Left Field Corner...Surgical resident located in Ontario, Canada...Returning for a fourth term on the UEFL Appeals Board (2014-present).

Member MarkCanada - Elected via 2016 UEFL Rules Summit ballot (71%).
» 20-year veteran umpire with international experience, based in Canada...Second term on the UEFL Appeals Board (2016-present).

Member Dennis - Elected via 2016 UEFL Rules Summit ballot (69%).
» 10-year umpiring experience from Little League to high school...Author of the RuleGraphics: Professional Baseball book...Second term on the UEFL Appeals Board (2016-present).

Junior Member MLB umpire observer - Elected via 2017 UEFL Appeals Board election (84%).
» Several years experience in high school baseball and basketball officiating, UEFL follower since 2015 and UEFL's minor league scout since 2016...First term on the UEFL Appeals Board.

Junior Member jvick2017 - Elected via 2017 UEFL Appeals Board election (84%).
» Certified Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) umpire for all high school levels of ball...First term on the UEFL Appeals Board.


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