Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Three-P Approach Instituted for Comment Moderation

The UEFL Commissioners' Office has instituted a Three-P approach for comment moderation and posting guidelines on the website for the 2017 UEFL season. In umpiring discipline shorthand, the Three-P approach includes unsporting comments that fall under one of the following categories: Personal, Profane, or Prolonged, and, in a ballgame, can lead to ejection. The following portrays how the Three-P approach will be applied to UEFL comment moderation.

» Personal insults toward other commenters is prohibited and subject to discipline and/or removal.
» This also covers posting personal information about MLB/MiLB umpires, their families, and/or other information that is inappropriate for public dissemination (such as but not limited to an umpire's mailing address, personal life rumors, or other private information).

» Directing profanity toward other commenters is prohibited and subject to discipline and/or removal.
» This encompasses situations not necessarily covered by UEFL Rule 8-1-c, and serves as a reminder to refrain from inappropriate behavior. Profanity may be appropriate under certain circumstances, such as factual reporting of what a player or umpire said (e.g., lipreading, or language picked up via a field microphone), but it is never appropriate when combined with insulting or degrading intent.

» Disputes amongst commenters that carry on...and on...and on should be put to rest; threads should not be hijacked by singular disputes between a minority of users.
» This also applies to spam action—that included in UEFL Rule 8-1-a—as well as repeated posting behavior of the same or similar nature in multiple threads, or multiple times within the same thread.

As a reminder, UEFL Rule 8-1 specifies the CCS Comment and Posting Guidelines, and states:
a.     Users shall refrain from spam activity or any attempt to solicit.
b.     Users shall refrain from flaming, trolling or other conduct interpreted as such by the post moderators. This includes name-calling.
c.      Users shall refrain from undue profanity, vulgarity, obscenity or content of a prurient nature. This includes username selection.
d.     Users shall refrain from attempting to moderate or resolve violations. Instead, users shall contact a Commissioner for assistance.
e.     Users shall enjoy the privilege of engaging in an environment free from the aforementioned violative conduct.
f.      If at any time, attention or enforcement is requested, please contact the UEFL Commissioners for assistance.
g.     Post moderation shall be delegated to the UEFL Commissioners, whose judgment shall be final and unchallengeable.
h.     A penalty system, which may include, but is not limited to, comment banishment and loss of UEFL points, shall govern flagrant and/or repeat violations of the Comment and Posting Guidelines, at the sole discretion of the UEFL Commissioners. A commenter penalized for inappropriate/violative comments may appeal this decision to the UEFL Appeals Board, whose decision shall be final and binding.
The Three-P approach is being introduced to the CCS / UEFL website pursuant to UEFL Rule 8-1-g, in a format that translates to the game to which CCS / UEFL is dedicated. The effective date is immediate and not retroactive. More information about the CCS/UEFL Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is available via our Privacy and Terms page.


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