Friday, May 12, 2017

Tmac's Teachable Moments - Standing Still

Today's Tmac Teachable Moment is about stillness. Sounds boring enough, but it could be the difference between a correct call and a rather ugly situation. The play takes us to Anaheim, where we have Alfonso Marquez at 3rd base as the 3B Umpire in a four-man umpiring system, but this play is relevant for a three- or two-umpire system. On this particular play we have three things happening.  There's a potential fair/foul decision, a possible HR, and a chance of a catch/no catch.

Marquez is still as he straddles the foul line.
We'll begin at the start of the video where Marquez correctly reads the swing and the ball off the bat, and IMMEDIATELY runs down the left field line reading his fielder in the process. It's impressive just how much distance he travels. What happens next is one of those, "I'm glad it's not me" plays, but Marquez handles it perfectly.

The key to this play is getting your head still. Look at the video at 1:03-1:04. This is textbook. Get as much distance as you can, then get still. Fonzie chooses to get hands on knees set, and the result is a correct fair call and a correct ball in play call. The play is so unique you'll notice he holds the safe mechanic for quite a while. This is important to note. You don't want to give a quick mechanic here and have people confused on the play.  The 2015 UEFL Umpire of the Year is making a run at another award with this call.

Here are some things to take away. It's important to be still for things like catch/no catch, fair/foul, and HR/No HR decisions. It can also be advantageous to acquire as much distance as you can.  One thing is certain: Watching one of the best in the world handle a tricky play this well is worth everyone's attention.

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Alternate Link: Marquez calls a play at the wall on a potential trifecta of calls to make (LAA)


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