Thursday, October 5, 2017

2017 Arizona Fall League Umpire Roster

2017's Arizona Fall League will be officiated by the following Minor League Baseball umpires chosen from Triple-A's International (IL) and Pacific Coast League (PCL) umpiring staffs. Previous AFL experience (if applicable) and MLB call-up information is also listed.

2017 AFL Umpire Roster:
> Ryan Additon, IL, Davie, Florida. 2016 AFL, MLB Fill-In.*
> Ramon De Jesus, PCL, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2016 AFL, MLB Fill-In.*
> Bryan Fields, PCL, Phoenix, Arizona. 1st AFL, 2017 MiLB Postseason.
> JJ January, PCL, Southaven, Mississippi. 1st AFL2017 MiLB Postseason.
> John Libka, PCL, Port Huron, Michigan. 2016 AFLMLB Fill-In.*
> Shane Livensparger, IL, Jacksonville, Florida. 2016 AFL, MLB Fill-In.*
> Nick Mahrley, PCL, Phoenix, Arizona. 2016 AFL, MLB Fill-In.*
> Roberto Ortiz, IL, Kissimmee, Florida. 2016 AFL, MLB Fill-In.*
> Garrett Patterson, PCL, Scottsdale, Arizona. 2016 AFL2017 MiLB Postseason.*
> Jeremie Rehak, IL, Monroeville, Pennsylvania. 1st AFL2017 MiLB Postseason.*
> Alex Tosi, IL, Lake Villa, Illinois. 1st AFL2017 MiLB Postseason.*
> Jansen Visconti, IL, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. 1st AFL2017 MiLB Postseason.

*Worked 2017 MLB Spring Training.
The 2017 AFL season's 12 umpires include: six IL, six PCL, and six MLB Fill-In.

Hometown information from REFEREE Magazine.


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