Thursday, April 5, 2018

2018 International League Umpire Roster

The International League released its 2018 roster of staff umpires ahead of Friday's opening day.

The IL is the eastern Triple-A equivalent of the west's Pacific Coast League; The 2018 PCL roster is available at this link.

The 2018 International League features five Triple-A rookies, and zero transfers from the Pacific Coast League.

The roster additionally features seven umpires who have been assigned sleeve numbers by Major League Baseball and, thus, are qualified to work MLB games during the regular season as fill-in umpires.

International League Umpire Roster - Start of the 2018 Season
IL Umpire Name2017 League and Years in Triple-A
Additon, Ryan* (MLB #67)International - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Bacchus, Erich^Eastern (Double-A) | Rookie
Bacon, JohnInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Barber, Sean* (MLB #29)International - 7th Year in Triple-A
Beck, AdamInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Carnahan, JeffreyInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Clark, RyanInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Costello, ScottInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Gibbs, Reid^Texas (Double-A) | Rookie
Gillam, EricInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Godec, TravisSouthern (Double-A) | Rookie
Graham, ChristopherInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Lentz, Nic* (MLB #59)International - 5th Year in Triple-A
Livensparger, Shane* (MLB #43)International - 4th Year in Triple-A
Merzel, DanInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Miller, BrennanInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Peterson, BrianInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Ramos, CharlieInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Rehak, Jeremie* (MLB #35)International - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Riggs, JeremyInternational | 3rd Year in Triple-A
Riley, Richard^Eastern (Double-A) | Rookie
Shown, Skyler^Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Tosi, AlexInternational - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Visconti, Jansen* (MLB #52)International - 4th Year in Triple-A
Whitson, Chad* (MLB #62)International - 8th Year in Triple-A
Wills, RyanInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Wiseman, MichaelInternational - 2nd Year in Triple-A
*Indicates umpire also regularly officiated MLB Spring Training | ^ Indicates promotion to AAA.
Bold text indicates umpire is on the Major League call-up list.


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