Friday, March 23, 2018

2018 Pacific Coast League Umpire Roster

The Pacific Coast League released its 2018 roster of staff umpires. The PCL is one of Minor League Baseball's two Triple-A leagues, the other being the International League, whose umpires have not yet been formally announced.

The 2018 PCL list of umpires features five Triple-A rookies, and two transfers from the International League.

The roster furthermore features eight umpires who also appear on the Major League fill-in list and may be called up to MLB during the regular season to cover for vacationing or injured big leaguers.

Pacific Coast League Umpire Roster - Start of the 2018 Season
PCL Umpire and Sleeve Number2017 League and Years in Triple-A
Allen, Sean 11^Texas (Double-A) | Rookie (Note: Award '14)
Arrieta, David 23Pacific Coast (PCL) - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Blakney, Ryan 5* (MLB #36)PCL - 6th Year in Triple-A
Bostwick, John 25PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Cascioppo, Mike 44PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Ceja, Nestor 40PCL - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Clemons, Paul 9PCL - 3rd Year [2nd Full] in Triple-A
Czajak, Matt 21PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
De Jesus, Ramon 18* (MLB #18)PCL - 5th Year in Triple-A
Eaton, Derek 20PCL - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Felix, Blake 29PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Fields, Bryan 27*PCL - 4th Year in Triple-A
Hamm, Clayton 43PCL - 2nd Year in Triple-A
January, Javerro "JJ" 6*PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Libka, John 30* (MLB #84)PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Mahrley, Nick 3* (MLB #48)PCL - 5th Year in Triple-A
May, Ben 97* (MLB #97)PCL - 7th Year [2nd PCL] in Triple-A
Meyers, Lee 22PCL - 2nd Year in Triple-A
Ortiz, Roberto 40* (MLB #40)International - 5th Year [1st PCL] in Triple-A
Park, Clay 7PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Ryan, Sean 10PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Segal, Chris 96* (MLB #96)International - 8th Year [1st PCL] in Triple-A
Starkovich, Jason 16^Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Terry, Brett 19PCL - 4th Year in Triple-A
Tomlinson, Nate 24Texas (Double-A) | Rookie
Valentine, Junior 14PCL - 3rd Year in Triple-A
Vondrak, Clint 15Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Williams, Lew 39Southern (Double-A) | Rookie
Woodring, Tom 75* (MLB #75)PCL - 6th Year in Triple-A
Ziegler, Alex 2PCL - 2nd Year in Triple-A
*Indicates umpire regularly officiated Spring Training | ^ Indicates promotion to AAA.
Bold text indicates umpire is on Major League Baseball's call-up list.


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