Monday, July 2, 2018

Featured Minor Ejection - Atlantic League Bench Clearer

Benches cleared during a manager-umpire argument in the Atlantic League over the weekend as Long Island Ducks pitcher John Brownell incited a fight by taunting the opposing Road Warriors dugout after hitting batter Matt Hibbert with a pitch, HP Umpire Warren Nicholson ruling that Hibbert failed to make an attempt to avoid being touched by the pitched ball, which prompted the managerial discussion that generated the misdirection to begin with.

Benches cleared in Long Island.
The Play: In the top of the 3rd inning of Saturday's Road Warriors-Ducks game, batter Hibbert took a 1-2 pitch from Brownell, resulting in a hit-by-pitch as broadcasters pondered that Hibbert may not have tried to avoid being touched. In the 4th, following several pitches on the inner half, Hibbert took a 0-2 Brownell pitch for an apparent hit-by-pitch, with HP Umpire Nicholson keeping Hibbert at the plate, judging that the batter made no attempt to avoid being touched (and possibly leaned into the pitch).

During Nicholson's subsequent discussion with Road Warriors Manager Ellie Rodriguez, Brownell taunted the visiting dugout, resulting in a bench clearing incident during which 1B Umpire and Crew Chief Fred DeJesus ejected Brownell for inciting the benches to clear and Ducks Manager Kevin Baez for arguing Brownell's ejection.

At the time of the ejections, the Road Warriors were leading, 3-0. The Warriors ultimately won the contest, 5-2.

Wrap: Road Warriors vs. Long Island Ducks (Atlantic League), 6/30/18 | Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Benches clear in the ALPB during argument over batter's failure to avoid pitch (LID)


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