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UEFL's MLB Umpire Sabermetrics - June 2018

UEFL's MLB Umpire Sabermetrics report for June 2018 features 85 ejections and 684 Replay Reviews through 1,236 regular season games played (50.9% complete). Click here for last month's stats.

Though ejection #s are projected to decrease year-over-year, based on current rates, replays are projected to remain at an equitable level.

The attached Most & Least Accurate Umpires, Replay Review contains the top and bottom of the Replay Review table ordinarily found in the "Read More" detailed section of the monthly report.

Related: Visit our Replay Review Statistics and Sabermetrics page for daily-updated umpire stats. This page includes Replay Review Rankings sorted by umpire, by team, and by call type. Daily ejections information is available at our Ejection List page.

Summary, Ejections.
>> 85 Total Regular Season Ejections through June 30, 2018 (on pace for 167 ejections this season).
>> Umpires were 72.7% accurate on calls associated with ejection.
>> The San Diego Padres led MLB in ejections. The Yankees led the American League.
>> Managers Craig Counsell, Ron Gardenhire, John Gibbons & Andy Green led MLB in ejections.
>> Player Matt Kemp led MLB players in ejections. Marwin Gonzalez led the American League.
>> Umpire Brian Gorman led all umpires in ejections.
>> Chief Brian Gorman's crew led all umpire crews in ejections.
>> Most ejections occurred in the 3rd inning; Ejections from 7th and on comprised 44% of all tosses.
>> Most ejections occurred on Wednesday. Weekend series (Fri-Sun) featured 38% of all heave-ho's.
>> The most common reason for ejection was Balls/Strikes, followed by Fighting.
>> All else equal, a team tied at the time of ejection ended up winning the game 62.1% of the time.

Summary, Replay Reviews.
>> 684 Total Replay Reviews, of which calls were affirmed 52.0% of the time (48.0% overturned).
>> The Braves and Cardinals used replay more than any other team, but were fairly unsuccessful.
>> The Kansas City Royals were the League's most successful team in review (19-for-23).
>> The BAL Orioles experienced fewer reviews than any other team.
>> The San Diego Padres were the worst MLB team in terms of Replay success (5-for-22).
>> Umpires Carapazza, Cooper & O'Nora were most reviewed.
>> Fieldin Culbreth's crew led all of baseball in replay activity, and performed at league average.
>> Umpire Gerry Davis led in accuracy (8/9).
>> Umpire Shane Livensparger experienced the highest rate of calls overturned by replay (0/2).
>> Umpire Eric Cooper had the most number of calls overturned by replay (9 overturns).
>> The 8th inning had more reviews than any other inning. 44% of all reviews occurred from 7th-on.
>> Most reviews occurred on Saturday; Weekend series (Fri-Sun) featured 51% of all replays.
>> The most common reason for review was Out/Safe (Force - 1st) followed by Out/Safe (Tag - In).

Most & Least Accurate Umpires, Replay Review (sorted by Review Affirmation Percentage [RAP]).

1Davis, Gerry88.9%18
2Fairchild, Chad87.5%17
3Scheurwater, Stu85.7%16
4Barber, Sean83.3%15
4May, Ben83.3%15
6Estabrook, Mike80.0%14
6Barrett, Ted80.0%28
6Reyburn, DJ80.0%28
9Tumpane, John77.8%27
10Danley, Kerwin72.7%38
10Gorman, Brian72.7%38
12Reynolds, Jim71.4%25
13Hickox, Ed70.0%37
14De Jesus, Ramon66.7%12
14Libka, John66.7%12
14Wolf, Jim66.7%12
14Rackley, Dave66.7%24
14Timmons, Tim66.7%24
14Visconti, Jansen66.7%24
14Lentz, Nic66.7%36
14Torres, Carlos66.7%48
14Welke, Bill66.7%48
14Wendelstedt, Hunter66.7%48

77Wegner, Mark30.0%73
78Miller, Bill28.6%52
79Meals, Jerry27.3%83
80Tichenor, Todd25.0%31
80Gibson, Greg25.0%62
82Hallion, Tom22.2%72
83Wolcott, Quinn16.7%51
84Hamari, Adam14.3%61
84Kellogg, Jeff14.3%61
87O'Nora, Brian14.3%
86Cuzzi, Phil12.5%71
87Additon, Ryan0.0%1
87Livensparger, Shane0.0%2

Umpires with Fewest and Greatest # of Overturned Calls [NEW]
1 Overturn: Davis, Fairchild, Scheurwater, Barber, May, Estabrook, De Jesus, Libka, Wolf, Mahrley, Additon.
2 Overturns: [Many Tied].
7 Overturns: Barksdale, Cuzzi, Hallion, Hernandez, O'Nora, Wegner.
8 Overturns: Jerry Meals
9 Overturns: Eric Cooper.

For detailed sabermetric analysis of MLB umpire ejections and instant replay review outcomes, follow the "read more" link below.

Total Games Played Through June 30, 2018: 1236 of 2430 (50.9% of the season has been played).

Umpire Ejection Sabermetrics
Ejections: 85. (Compare to 88 through June 2017). Pace is 167 ejections / 2430 games played.
"Team most active" (Team with most Ejections): SD 6; LAD, NYY 5; [6 Tied] 4.
"Team least active" (Team with least Ejections): CIN, CLE, STL, TB 1; ATL, BOS, MIA, PIT 2.
"Manager ejections leader" (Most Ejections):  Counsell, Gibbons, Gardenhire, Green 3.
"Player ejections leader": Matt Kemp 3; Marwin Gonzalez 2.
"Umpire leader" (Most Ejections): Brian Gorman 6; Hunter Wendelstedt 5; T Gibson, Tumpane 4.
"Crew most active" (Crew with most Ejections): Gorman 7; Vanover, West 6; Davis, Welke 5.
"Most accurate umpire" (Umpire with greatest QOC): Tumpane (4 Y / 0 N + 0 U = 1.000 QOCY).
"Overall QOC percentage" (Overall QOC Y value): .727 (48 Y / 18 N) + 19 Irrecusable = 85 Total.
"Team Status Pre-Ejection" (Winning-Losing-Tied [W-L-T] Record prior to Ejection): 15-41-29.
"Team Status Post-Ejection" (Game Record [W-L]): 33-52. (Delta: 18-11; WPCT: .621).

By Inning: 3 (14); 6 (13); 8, 9 (12); 7 (9); 4, 5 (7); 1, Extras (4); 2 (3).
By Reason: Balls/Strikes (45); Fighting (9); Balk (8); Replay Review, Check Swing, Throwing At (4).
By Day of Week: Wednesday (20); Tuesday (14), Sunday (12), Saturday (11), Monday (10), Thurs/Fri (9).

Umpire Instant Replay Review Sabermetrics
Replay Reviews & Decisions Rendered: 684, .520 RAP (356/684). On pace for 1343 replays.
"Team Most Used" (Used Replay Review most often): ATL, STL 32; ARI 30; MIN 29; PIT 28.
"Team Least Used" (Least use of Replay): BAL 11; MIL 12; NYM 16; HOU, SF 17; LAD, OAK 19.
"Most successful team in review" (Team with highest TSP): KC Royals - .826 (19/23).
"Least successful team in review" (Team with lowest TSP): SD Padres - .227 (5/22).
"Umpire most questioned" (Most Reviews): Carapazza, Cooper, O'Nora - 14; Barksdale, Hernandez 13.
"Crew most questioned" (Most Reviewed Crew): Fieldin Culbreth 41; Welke, Layne 40; Vanover, Meals 38.
"Most accurate umpire" (Umpire with greatest RAP): Gerry Davis - .889 (8 Y in 9 Total).
"Ump of greatest overturn" (Umpire with lowest RAP): Shane Livensparger - .000 (0 Y in 2 Total).

Actual data (Raw Data for Replay Reviews):
- By Inning: 8 (102); 9 (85); 6 (82); 7 (80); 5 (76); 3, 4 (65); 2 (49); 1 (47); Extras (33).
- By Reason: Out/Safe [Force - 1st] 162; Out/Safe [Tag - Into Base] 100; Out/Safe [Tag - Stolen Base] 88; Out/Safe [Pulled Foot] 52; Out/Safe [Tag - Pickoff] 47; HBP/Ball 29; HR/In Play 29.
- By Day of Week: Sat (134); Fri (122); Wed (104); Tues (91); Sun (90); Thurs (72); Mon (71).


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