Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Plate Meeting Podcast #2 Teaser, Call for Q's - Dale Scott

Tmac and I are excited to announce the second episode of The Plate Meeting podcast from with our second guest, a 32-year MLB umpire, 16 as a crew chief, 3,897 regular season games, 3 World Series...It's Dale Scott!

Dale Scott will answer your Q's on the show.
Just like last time, we need your help with questions you'd like to ask Dale on the show (and not to worry, we'll get to the remaining questions for Bob Davidson that didn't get answered in Episode 1 on a future Plate Meeting).

There are two ways to submit your questions:
1) Reply as a comment to this post, or;
2) Call the CCS voicemail line at (507) 400-UEFL [aka 507-400-8335] and leave a message.

As we did with Episode 1, we'll leave this thread open for about a week and record our episode shortly thereafter.

And if you haven't yet listened to episode one (and, if so, where've you been?), see the following link to hear our interview with Bob Davidson.
Related PostPlate Meeting Podcast Episode 1 - Bob Davidson (7/17/18).

As for Episode 2, Dale has a message for all of you!
Related Audio: Dale Scott Podcast Teaser (embedded below; click the image/video to play).

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