Monday, October 22, 2018

2018 World Series Umpire Crew and Roster

MLB's 2018 World Series umpire roster features Ted Barrett as crew chief for the Dodgers-Red Sox fall classic along with six additional umpires selected from the AL and NL Division Series crews this postseason.

The Replay Official for the LCS and World Series serves in MLBAM's New York-based Replay Operations Center for Games One and Two of the series, before joining the on-field crew for Games Three through Seven. The home plate umpire for Game One of the series correspondingly serves as the Replay Official for Games Three through Seven.

The 2018 Fall Classic umpiring crew is comprised of umpires from the 2018 AL and NL Division Series. The following configuration refers to positions as assigned for Game 1 of the World Series and indicates prior assignments for the 2018 Division Series. Three of the seven World Series umpires came from ALDS-A (CLE@HOU), two were from NLDS-B (COL@MIL), while one umpire came from each of the remaining two Division Series.

2018 World Series Umpires (Los Angeles Dodgers @ Boston Red Sox)
HP: Tim Timmons '1st WS' (from ALDS-A [CLE@HOU]) [Game 1 Plate]
1B: Kerwin Danley (from NLDS-B [COL@MIL]) [Game 2 Plate]
2B: Ted Barrett* (from NLDS-B [COL@MIL]) [Game 3 Plate]
3B: Chad Fairchild '1st WS' (from ALDS-A [CLE@HOU]) [Game 4 Plate]
LF: Jeff Nelson* (from ALDS-A [CLE@HOU]) [Game 5 Plate]
RF: Jim Reynolds (from NLDS-A [ATL@LAD]) [Game 6 Plate]
Replay: Fieldin Culbreth* (from ALDS-B [NYY@BOS]) [Game 7 Plate]

Replay Assistant, World Series: Chris Conroy (from AL Division Series A [CLE@HOU])

Bold text denotes World Series Crew Chief, * denotes regular season Crew Chief, ^1st^ denotes first postseason assignment; `1st WS` denotes first World Series assignment. Per UEFL Rule 4-3-c, all umpires selected to appear in the World Series shall receive four bonus points for this appearance; crew chiefs shall receive one additional bonus point for this role (five points total). Officials assigned to replay review (without an on-field role) only do not receive points for this role.

This is the first Fall Classic for Timmons and Fairchild.  It's the second appearance for Reynolds and Danley.  It's the third time around for Culbreth.  Barrett and Nelson are here for the fourth time.  This marks the second time Reynolds, Nelson and Barrett worked together on the grandest stage. The trio officiated the 2014 World Series.


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