Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018 Wild Card & Division Series Umpires Roster

The 2018 American and National League (AL/NL) Wild Card Game and Division Series (ALDS/NLDS) umpire roster is as follows, sorted by round and crew assignment. The Replay Official does not join on-field umpires for MLB's first two postseason rounds.

UEFL Replay Review Ranking (Review Affirmation Percentage [RAP]) is indicated by the number in parentheses.

NL Wild Card (Colorado Rockies @ Chicago Cubs) Umpires
HP: Chris Guccione (25)
1B: Mark Wegner* (84)
2B: Bill Miller* -cc (79)
3B: James Hoye (21)
LF: Tripp Gibson (17)
RF: Gabe Morales ^1st^ (45)

AL Wild Card [WC 'B'] (Oakland Athletics @ New York Yankees) Umpires
HP: Jim Wolf (21)
1B: Greg Gibson (86)
2B: Gerry Davis* -cc (30)
3B: Alan Porter (64)
LF: Will Little (71)
RF: Pat Hoberg ^1st^ (12)

NL and AL Wild Card Game Replay Officials: Ed Hickox (8) and Sam Holbrook* (85).

NL Division Series A (Atlanta Braves @ Los Angeles Dodgers) Umpires
HP: Adrian Johnson (40)
1B: Lance Barksdale [Game 2 Plate] (45)
2B: Gary Cederstrom* -cc [Game 3 Plate] (65)
3B: Tom Hallion* [Game 4 Plate] (65)
LF: Jim Reynolds [Game 5 Plate] (45)
RF: Doug Eddings (65)

NL Division Series B (Wild Card [COL/CHC] @ Milwaukee Brewers) Umpires
HP: Mike Muchlinski (13)
1B: Kerwin Danley [Game 2 Plate] (35)
2B: Ted Barrett* -cc [Game 3 Plate] (17)
3B: Todd Tichenor [Game 4 Plate] (77)
LF: Alfonso Marquez [Game 5 Plate] (32)
RF: John Tumpane '1st DS' (1)

AL Division Series A (Cleveland Indians @ Houston Astros) Umpires
HP: Chris Conroy '1st DS' (55)
1B: Chad Fairchild [Game 2 Plate] (3)
2B: Jerry Layne* -cc [Game 3 Plate] (52)
3B: Tim Timmons [Game 4 Plate] (2)
LF: Jeff Nelson* [Game 5 Plate] (8)
RF: Andy Fletcher '1st DS' (52)

AL Division Series B (Wild Card [OAK/NYY] @ Boston Red Sox) Umpires
HP: Cory Blaser (27)
1B: Dan Bellino [Game 2 Plate] (71)
2B: Mike Winters* -cc [Game 3 Plate] (62)
3B: Angel Hernandez [Game 4 Plate] (52)
LF: Fieldin Culbreth* [Game 5 Plate] (4)
RF: DJ Reyburn ^1st^ (17)

ALDS/NLDS Replay Officials: Marvin Hudson (32), Brian Knight (6), David Rackley (32), and Bill Welke (8).

-cc denotes Game/Series Crew Chief, * denotes regular season crew chief, ^1st^ denotes first postseason assignment, '1st DS' denotes first Division Series assignment. Pursuant to UEFL Rule 4-3-c, umpires selected to appear in the Wild Card games receive one bonus point for this appearance, while umpiers assigned to the Division Series receive two points for an on-field appearance. Postseason crew chiefs receive an additional bonus point, but replay officials who do not appear on the field (e.g., Wild Card & Division Series replay personnel) do not receive points for this role.


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