Friday, December 28, 2018

The Top 20 Ejections of 2018 - A UEFL Year in Review

As 2018 draws to a close, we revisit this past season of umpiring with a UEFL Year in Review and a look at The Top 20 Umpire Ejections of 2018, featuring your votes from the 2018 year-end Awards Nominations. These Top 20 Ejections were selected from the 185 ejections that occurred during the 2018 baseball year (five pre-season, 179 regular season, and one postseason ejection).

*Quality of Correctness is provided in the following format:
Y = Correct, N = Incorrect, U = Irrecusable.
Note: Click each ejection number and umpire name in the list to view the corresponding ejection report and video from the season.

Umpire Ejection Fantasy League Year in Review: The UEFL's Top 20 Ejections of 2018
20: E-087: Jeff Nelson (2); Dodgers P Daniel Hudson (Instruction/Illegal Motion; QOC = U).
19: E-034: Alan Porter (2); Dodgers LF Matt Kemp (Strike Three Call; QOC = Y).
18E-167: Phil Cuzzi; Nationals Bench Coach Chip Hale (Balls/Strikes; QOC = Y).
17: E-026: Mike Winters (1); Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle (Out of Base Path Call; QOC = Y).
16E-131/132: Bruce Dreckman (1-2); Angels P Deck McGuire, Mgr Mike Scioscia (Throwing At, QOCU).
15: E-111: Ed Hickox (1); Blue Jays pitcher Ryan Tepera (Balls/Strikes Calls; QOC = Y).
14E-017-20: Hunter Wendelstedt (1-4); Multiple Yankees & Red Sox (Fighting; QOC = U).
13: E-116: Bill Miller (1); Cubs Manager Joe Maddon (Runner's Lane Interference; QOC = Y).
12: E-058: Stu Scheurwater (1); Mets Manager Mickey Callaway (No Attempt to Avoid HBP; QOC = Y).
11: E-108: Adam Hamari (2); Red Sox Manager Alex Cora (Warnings; QOC = U).
10: E-175: Joe West (5); Dodgers LF Joc Pederson (Strike One and Two Calls; QOC = Y).
#9: E-170: DJ Reyburn (3); Nationals RF Bryce Harper (Strike Three Call; QOC = N).
#8: E-157: Jeremie Rehak (4); Yankees LF Brett Gardner (Strike One Call; QOC = Y).
#7E-004: Jerry Layne (1); Braves Manager Brian Snitker (Pace of Play/Delay; QOC = U).
#6E-127: Cory Blaser (3); Brewers Manager Craig Counsell (Warnings; QOC = U).
#5: E-129: Mike Muchlinski (1); Mariners Manager Scott Servais (Strike Two Call; QOC = Y).
#4E-154-156: Tom Hallion (1-3); Brewers x3 (Warnings/Non-Ejection; QOC = U).
#3: E-010: Tim Timmons (1); Diamondbacks Manager Torey Lovullo (Strike Calls; QOC = Y).
#2: E-135: Nic Lentz (3); Yankees Manager Aaron Boone (Strike Two Call; QOC = Y).
HONORARY: E-062|63 (2016): Hamari; Revisiting the Situation - Tom Hallion & Terry Collins.
#1: E-062: Joe West (1); Padres Manager Andy Green (Foul Ball Call; QOC = Y).

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