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Revisiting the Situation - Tom Hallion & Terry Collins

Two years ago, HP Umpire Adam Hamari ejected Mets P Noah Syndergaard and Manager Terry Collins for throwing at Dodgers batter Chase Utley in response to Utley's hard slide during the 2015 postseason that broke shortstop Ruben Tejada's leg. Crew chief Tom Hallion, wearing a microphone for FOX Sports' national telecast on Saturday, May 28, 2016, ran in to pry Collins away from the then-call up umpire Hamari, as the production truck muted Hallion's audio, as is standard practice.
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Tom Hallion and Terry Collins discuss things.
In October 2017, the Hallion microphone's lost audio found its way out of FOX and onto the Internet, where it recently took on a second life in review of the contentious spectacle that led to MLB's adoption of the bona fide slide rule pertaining to force plays, as well as a glimpse into MLB's Heads-Up program and the League's expectation that its umpires enforce the intentionally-pitch-at-batter rule.

The "Heads Up" report is an electronic communication between the League and its umpires advising of potential trouble or animosity between two teams or players in advance of a series. Undoubtedly, Hallion's crew received a Heads-Up for Dodgers-Mets due to the Utley-Tejada play from the previous postseason.

Prior to May, Syndergaard specifically had been accused of throwing at Royals batter Alcides Escobar in the 2015 World Series, which would suggest a heightened awareness for throwing at Utley.

While navigating pressure from bosses above, Hallion as a crew chief demonstrated qualities of teamwork (in speaking with the players), leadership (in directing his crew and taking on an irate Collins), and empathy (in listening and responding to Collins) that both allowed the aggrieved skipper to have his say while nonetheless getting him away from a junior crew-mate and off the field.

For what its worth, the relevant rule concerning these ejections is 6.02(c)(9), which states,
A pitcher shall not—Intentionally Pitch at the Batter. If, in the umpire’s judgment, such a violation occurs, the umpire may elect either to: (A) Expel the pitcher, or the manager and the pitcher, from the game, or (B) may warn the pitcher and the manager of both teams that another such pitch will result in the immediate expulsion of that pitcher (or a replacement) and the manager. If, in the umpire’s judgment, circumstances warrant, both teams may be officially “warned” prior to the game or at any time during the game. (League Presidents may take additional action under authority provided in Rule 8.04.)
The following transcript and video features interaction between an umpire and player/manager not seen since the days of Bill Haller and Earl Weaver.

Hallion: You're done.
Syndergaard: Are you f*ing kidding me?
Hallion: No, you can't do that, not in that situation, man.
Syndergaard: I'm trying to throw a f*ing fastball.
Hallion: No, that ain't gonna happen. I knew you were going to say that, but that ain't going to happen. That's the wrong time to do it, that's all.
Syndergaard: []
Hallion: It is what it is, but that ain't gonna happen. Our ass is in the jackpot if we don't do something there, I'm telling you that.
Neil Walker: Shouldn't there be a warning beforehand?
Hallion: No, the situation of what happened and everything else, that's what dictates that, ok?
Walker: But there was no prior knowledge of that before the game started. I mean, if Terry comes into the dugout and says, 'if someone gets hit,' then...
Hallion: Neil, everybody knows what's the situation, ok?
Hallion [to 3B Umpire Dan Bellino, referring to Syndergaard]: Take him.
Collins: [Ranting at Hamari using language that has gotten players suspended in the past]
Hallion: Terry! Terry, get a handle. Come on, let's go. Talk to me. Terry, talk to me.
Collins: Tommy, that's f*ing BS and you know it. You got to give us a shot, Tom.
Hallion: Listen to me and hear what I'm saying, ok? You get your shot. You had your shot right there in the situation. You know the situation, Terry. You know the situation, Terry!
Collins: I know, why can't we get a shot, Tommy?
Hallion: Because that makes it worse, that makes it f*ing worse.
Collins: BS. When MLB did nothing to that guy: NOTHING!
Hallion: Ok, I can't control that, Terry. You know as well as I do where I stand on the whole f*ing situation.
Collins: Gdmmit, you're better than that Tommy, you know that.
Hallion: Terry, listen, I'm telling you, our ass is in the jackpot now, ok? I'm just tellin' ya.
Collins: [More profane remarks]
Hallion: You know what? You got it. You got everything out?

Video as follows:

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