Saturday, February 23, 2019

All in the Family - Ted & Andrew Barrett Call Cubs Game

Father Ted and son Andrew Barrett (actually, it's "Reverend Doctor Ted") officiated together for the first time at the professional level during Saturday's Brewers-Cubs MLB Spring Training game in the Arizona Cactus League as umpire slots for both HP & 2B ended in "Barrett."

Andrew drew the plate assignment while Ted served as crew chief from the field, starting at second base (in Spring Training, the field umpires rotate every few innings between the three bases). The Barrett family was joined by Tony Randazzo and Pat Hoberg.

Ted and Andrew Barrett hope to join six other father-son umpires in MLB history (five full-time MLBU). They are (dates include time as MiLB fill-in umpires):
> Shag "Henry" & Jerry Crawford (1956-75 and 1976-2010);
> Lou & Mike DiMuro (1963-82 and 1997-present);
> Lou & Ray DiMuro (1963-82 and 1996-98);
> Tom & Brian Gorman (1951-77 and 1991-present);
> Ed, Paul & Brian Runge (1954-70, 1973-97, and 1999-2012);
> Harry & Hunter Wendelstedt (1966-1998 and 1998-present).

Harry and Hunter are the only father-son to have officiated a Major League contest together, which they did during Hunter's call-up season in 1998.

Taking it even a step further, Mike and Lou are the only father-son umpires to both have called an MLB no-hitter from behind the plate (Mike's was a perfect game). Ted Barrett has already called two perfect games from behind home plate.

For the Barretts, this isn't the first similar pro assignment, though it is the first time they've called the same game. Teddy served as home plate umpire and crew chief during the 2018 MLB All-Star Game in Washington, DC while Andrew had the plate for the 2018 California League (Class-A) All-Star Game in California.
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Though Andrew is only in Double-A and thus did not receive a full-MLB Spring invitation, due to all the split squad, early schedule, and plethora of umpires all in the same city, he is one of a handful of young umpires to have the opportunity to call the one-off (or two, or three) MLB Spring Training game, some of which would otherwise have just two assigned umpires.

For instance, while Andrew called the Cubs game in Mesa, other non-invitee umpires who officiated MLB Spring Training games on Saturday included Derek Thomas (NYY-BOS), Sam Burch (STL-MIA), Adam Beck (ATL-NYM), Bryan Fields (CLE-CIN), Reid Gibbs (TEX-KC), Jason Starkovich (CHI-OAK), and Mark Stewart (HOU-WAS).
Wrap: Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs (Spring Training), 2/23/19


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