Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Podcast - Abuse & Sports with OSIP's Jack Furlong

Abuse of sports officials infects baseball from youth to MLB. Jack Furlong, Founder & President of Outstanding Sportsmanship is Paramount (OSIP) joins the Plate Meeting Podcast to discuss this rough atmosphere and how officials can address the worrisome trend.

The conversation begins with an overview of OSIP, resources for officials experiencing anxiety or abuse aftermath, and follows through to a societal trend toward not simply playing the blame game, but adding personal insults in an environment where very rarely do team personnel or fans actually know the targeted official personally.

We discuss techniques to counteract negativity, how to work with game participants to encourage a healthy atmosphere where not every call will be favorable for a given team, and how minor changes to language can bolster inclusivity and positive outcomes. Similarly, we discuss how a change of perspective and introduction of empathy can also make officiating and interaction with game personnel easier and more pleasant.

Click the below play (▶) button to listen to "Episode 14 - Umpire Abuse & Sportsmanship with OSIP's Jack Furlong" or visit the show online at The Plate Meeting is also available on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and several other podcast apps.

Alternate Link: Episode 14 - Umpire Abuse & Sportsmanship with OSIP's Jack Furlong.

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