Friday, February 14, 2020

Podcast - Mike Reilly's Rite of Spring

Retired MLB crew chief Mike Reilly joins The Plate Meeting podcast to trace his career as an umpire, talks about the excitement of Spring Training a week ahead of baseball's 2020 preseason, and shares a healthy heap of stories from ejections to odd plays and fond memories both on and off the field.

Cornflakes tells us how he earned that nickname courtesy Detroit sportscaster Ernie Harwell, the story of ejecting Earl Weaver as a young umpire ("Kid, you're gonna be a good umpire, but you can't umpire today!"), the infamous World Series Bill Haller-Weaver tiff, and takes your questions.

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Alternate Link: Episode 24 - Mike Reilly's Rite of Spring (CCS on Anchor).

28:00 - 2B Umpire Mike Reilly witnesses Haller's famous mic'd up ejection of Earl Weaver
38:15 - Giants batboy Darren Baker runs onto field during 2002 WS play, HP Umpire Mike Reilly

41:00 - Mike remembers Chuck Meriwether.
49:00 - The Origin of Mike's Corn Flakes Reilly nickname.
53:00 - Mike turns down ump analyst gig at FOX.
56:00 - Questions from the audience.

57:00 - The Steve Bartman play at Wrigley Field - Marlins @ Cubs

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