Monday, July 20, 2020

MLB Announces Replay Improvements, Hawk-Eye

MLB announced several improvements to Replay Review technology for the COVID-shortened 2020 season, including a relocation of MLBAM video headquarters to Manhattan, as well as formal introduction of Hawk-Eye to replace electronic ball/strikes vendor TrackMan.

Baseball's 4K camera networks will double from 12 to 24 isolated angles for the 2020 season, with a new replay operations center in Manhattan, across the street from Radio City Music Hall. From 2014-2019, MLB's replay HQ had been located at Chelsea Market at the old MLBAM offices.

MLB also announced as part of its second-generation Statcast system, that Hawk-Eye would replace TrackMan's Doppler radar system, with five cameras targeted for pitch tracking: four behind home plate and one in center field. Advertised frame rates will vary from 100 to 500 frames per second, at 4K resolution.

MLB claimed Hawk-Eye's error margin going forward is expected to approach 0.1 inches, down from anywhere from 1 to 2 inches in prior years, which recalls our observed silver lining of the weekend's protection/face covering discussion: with all the cards lined up to adopt some element of an automated balls/strikes system in 2020, baseball has been awfully quiet about the previously hyped robo-umpire concept.
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Video as follows:

Alternate Link: MLB Announces Tech Upgrades for Replay, Hawk-Eye (CCS)


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