Monday, August 3, 2020

Podcast - Weekly News for 8/3 as Cardinals Postponed

 and Gil discuss weekly baseball umpiring news, including triple-digit rookie umpire debuts, Joe West's one-inning bloody injury in DC, Mark Wegner's admonishment of Boston's Alex Verdugo, a few tag-up plays of the week, and MLB's recent decision to postpone Cardinals games due to positive COVID-19 tests within the St. Louis organization.

In MLB's opening 1.5 weeks of the delayed 2020 season, umpires Edwin Moscoso, Jose Navas, Jeremy Riggs, and Lew Williams made major league debuts.

Meanwhile, Joe West took a bat off the side of the head in the 1st inning in Washington, resulting in a bloody temple, but returned to work at third base in the third inning.

In Boston, Alex Verdugo—having taken second base on a wild pitch—casually walked to third base during a pitching change...then stayed on the base until 3B Umpire Mark Wegner instructed him to return to second...and after which a post-inning argument erupted as Verdugo reportedly took issue with Wegner's directive.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: News of the Week - August 3 (CCS)


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