Wednesday, September 23, 2020

MLB Announces Atlantic League as First Partner

Major League Baseball has found its first Partner: The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. The new designation means that ALPB and MLB will meet and coordinate regularly regarding marketing, promotional opportunities, and, yes, experimental rules changes.

MLB's press release states that, "During the 2019 season, MLB and ALPB partnered to successfully test the Automated Ball-Strike System (ABS), which used radar tracking technology to assist home plate umpires in calling balls and strikes."

Given our documentation concerning ABS' performance in the 2019 Atlantic League, however, Webster might want to rewrite the dictionary's definition of the word "success" to better accommodate what actually happened in the 2019 ALPB and Arizona Fall League.

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Looks like Joe Torre left his Park Avenue office just in time. | Video as follows:
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MLB Names Atlantic League Partner/Highlights of ABS in 2019 (CCS)


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