Saturday, March 13, 2021

Teachable - Touched Starved at TMU Appeal Play

For the second time this college season, TMU Baseball fell victim to their own baserunning folly as a player failed to touch home plate during a home run trot leading to a defensive appeal and out call. In this Teachable, tmac looks at umpire responsibility during a home run in which the home plate umpire rotates up to third base.

From audio of the Truett McConnell University broadcaster in the press box to the umpire reminding the catcher they must first put the ball back into play before executing the appeal, pursuant to Official Baseball Rule 5.09(c)'s requirement regarding appeal timing, this video is yet another example—deja vu, even—of a missed base appeal play.

The primary difference between this play and the runners passing teachable come to life play in February is that the offending runner in this play actually arrived at (and stepped over) home plate, whereas the February runner failed to even approach home plate. Thus, an appeal is the proper course of action here whereas the February play was subject to a consideration of passing (which occurred prior to abandonment).


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