Tuesday, May 18, 2021

MLB Ejections 046-47 - Brian Gorman (2-3; MIL x2)

HP Umpire Brian Gorman ejected Brewers RF Avisail Garcia and manager Craig Counsell (check swing strike two call by 1B Umpire Adrian Johnson) in the top of the 9th inning of the #Brewers-#Royals game. With two out and none on, Garcia attempted to check his swing on a 2-1 fastball by Royals pitcher Josh Staumont ruled a check swing on appeal by 1B Umpire Johnson. (A prior 1-0 pitch ruled strike one was located over the heart of home plate and at the hollow of the knee.) Play was reviewed and adjudicated by the UEFL Appeals Board (9-0), the call was correct. At the time of the ejections, the Royals were leading, 2-0. The Royals ultimately won the contest, 2-0.

These are Brian Gorman (9)'s 2nd and 3rd ejections of 2021.
Brian Gorman now as 12 points in the UEFL Standings (4 Prev + 2*[2 MLB + 2 QOCY] = 12).
Crew Chief Brian Gorman now has 6 points in Crew Division (4 Previous + 2 Correct Calls = 6).

These are the 46th and 47th ejection reports of the 2021 MLB regular season.
This is the 19th player ejection of 2021. Prior to ejection, Garcia was 0-4 (SO) in the contest.
This is the 24th manager ejection of 2021.
This is Milwaukee's 4/5th ejection of 2021, 1st in the NL Central (MIL 5; CIN 3; CHC, PIT 2; STL 1).
This is Avisail Garcia's 1st ejection since June 15, 2017 (Paul Emmel; QOC = Y [Check Swing]).
This is Craig Counsell's 2nd ejection of 2021, 1st since May 13 (Jim Reynolds; QOC = Y [Fair/Foul]).


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