Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Foul Ball vs HBP vs Swinging (Dead Ball) Strike - Herrera

When Phillies batter Odubel Herrera pulled his bat back from a bunt attempt as Mets pitcher Brad Hand's offering ran in, HP Umpire CB Bucknor faced one of baseball's most difficult calls: deciphering whether the result was a foul ball, hit-by-pitch, or dead ball strike due to the batter's attempt to strike the ball.

Tmac breaks down the play as it occurred, with Herrera dropping the bat as the pitch arrived, and the ball first contacting Herrera's person before then making contact with the discarded bat on its way to the ground, producing a distinct sound of a ball hitting a bat, but as Replay Review would show, the primary point of contact (the first point of contact) was the ball hitting Herrera's hand as Herrera attempted to avoid the pitch (as opposed to failing to check a swing or attempting to bunt it), meaning that Herrera was awarded first base with a hit-by-pitch.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: HBP awarded after batter drops bat just prior to getting hit by a pitch (CCS)


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