Monday, March 14, 2022

Former AL Umpire Terry Cooney Dies at 88

Terry Cooney, an American League umpire from 1974-1992, has died at the age of 88.

Born April 12, 1933 in Condon, Oregon, Cooney officiated his first Major League contest in 1974 (Sept 27: Twins-Angels at Anaheim Stadium), umpiring 2,233 regular season games, 3 League Championship Series, and the 1981 World Series until his retirement 18 years later, following a season- and career-ending knee injury in September 1992.

A multi-sport athlete growing up, Cooney played high school basketball at Sacred Heart Academy in Salem and also was part of Sacred Heart's 1950 football championship.

Cooney came to California for school and to play semipro baseball, eventually moving to the Fresno area and getting a job as a correctional officer, before an inmate encouraged him to pursue professional officiating: "I like to tell people I was conned into umpiring."

After graduating from umpiring school in 1969, he joined the California League, followed by stints in the Texas and Pacific Coast Leagues before his 1974 AL debut and permanent appointment to the staff in 1975.

Cooney is a member of the Fresno Athletic Hall of Fame. In 2018, we published a Retro Teachable featuring Cooney's ejection of Boston Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens during Game Four of the 1990 ALCS.


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