Thursday, March 10, 2022

Welcome Back - MLB, Players Agree to 2022 Season

MLB owners and the Players Association reached agreement on a new CBA that will allow the 2022 regular season to begin in early April, albeit after Commissioner Rob Manfred already canceled a week's worth of games. The agreement includes several rules changes, which we detail below.

First, some key dates:
> Spring Training will begin March 17;
> Opening Day is moved to April 7;
> 12-team postseason format (increase from 10 teams);
> 9-inning double headers return (was 7-inn from 2020-21);
> Extra innings begin with bases empty (no runner on 2nd base).
Update: MLB and MLBPA have since reversed course and agreed to keep the extra-inning base runner procedure intact for the 2022 regular season.

Amongst the rules MLB reserves the right to implement beginning in 2023 are:
> Pitch clocks may be introduced;
> Defensive shifts may be banned or made illegal, penalty to be determined;
> Larger bases may be used.

Several of the 2023-and-beyond rules changes that may occur follow testing in MLB's Minor Leagues, Arizona Fall League, or the Atlantic League.

Close Call Sports will publish umpire roster and crew information as the season approaches and will open the UEFL Draft/Registration as well.


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