Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Quickie - A Pocket Full of Nothing and the Hanging Tag

When Replay Review overturned a close play at the plate from safe-to-out, HQ's umpire relied on the slimmest of margin's—catcher Salvador Perez's tag of runner Tony Kemp's hanging pocket—to rule an out.

For this particular play, HP Umpire Alex MacKay works the wedge, staying on the catcher's foul-facing hip to see Perez's tag attempt, initially calling baserunner Kemp safe.

However, Replay upon review determined that Perez's mitt tagged the lining of Kemp's back pocket, which was turned inside out as he ran the bases.

To do so, Replay relied on the definitions of TAG and TOUCH which specify that a tag shall be considered legal if any part of the uniform is touched by the fielder's glove (not including its laces). Furthermore, Official Baseball Rule 5.05(b)(2) states a touch has not occurred if the ball (or, in this case, glove/mitt) "only touches any jewelry being worn by a player," similar in vein to the TAG definition stating "not including hanging laces alone" and "For purposes of this definition any jewelry being worn by a player (e.g., necklaces, bracelets, etc.) shall not constitute a part of the player’s body."

Finally, TOUCH is defined as follows: "To touch a player or umpire is to touch any part of their body, or any uniform or equipment worn by them (but not any jewelry (e.g., necklaces, bracelets, etc.) worn by a player)."


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