Sunday, August 21, 2022

Playing Out the 5th Out - Another Little League What If

Saturday night's Little League World Series elimination game between Massachusetts and Pennsylvania saw PA's 5th inning superfluously extended to record extra outs after a caught fly ball-turned-inning-ending-double play on an advancing runner didn't end at the third out, but continued as the defense tagged out an uninvolved baserunner along with the retired batter.

Here's what happened:
Batter out (fly ball caught) & R2 out (tagged off of a base).

And here are a few what if this happened scenarios, all else equal:

If 0 outs to begin play: Batter out (fly ball caught), R2 out (tagged off a base), R1 out (tagged).
Outfielder doesn't catch ball: R2 out (tag), batter-runner out (passing preceding runner R1).
No catch & 0 outs: R2 out (tag), batter-runner out (passing), R1 out (tagged).
Challenged for home plate collision rule: Coin flip to determine outcome.
Catcher called for HP collision rule: Batter out (fly ball caught), R2 awarded home, R1 stays at 1st.
Defense appeals R2 left early: Batter out (catch), R2 out (having left prior to defense's first touch).
Everyone falls asleep: Batter and R1 out (abandonment).

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: LLWS seeks a fifth out and more fly ball oddities (ESPN)


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