Saturday, August 27, 2022

Quickie - Mechanics of Calling a Foul Ball from 2nd Base

While fair/foul decisions are generally reserved for home plate and line umpires, it nonetheless is proper for an umpire at second base to call a foul ball under the specific circumstance of a batted ball which contacts the batter still in the box.

In this brief example from the Hawaii-California game during the 2022 Little League Intermediate World Series, we see the proper mechanics of a 2B Umpire calling "Time" from the middle infield to signify a foul ball after observing a batted ball that struck the foot of the batter at home plate.

This specific foul ball call is one the home plate umpire might be blocked out from seeing due to the catcher's position, meaning that field umpires can assist in making the "foul ball" call if they clearly see that the batted ball has made contact with the batter at home plate.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: U2 and U3 call "Time" after observing a batted ball has hit the batter's foot (CCS)


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