Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Eye of Iassogna - Keeping an Eye Everlasting on the Ball

Just minutes into Game 1 of the #Guardians-#Yankees American League Division Series in New York, ALDS Crew Chief and 2B Umpire Dan Iassogna called Cleveland baserunner Amed Rosario safe on an attempted steal of second base after Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson dropped the ball.

With a 1-2 pitch to batter Jose Ramirez, and the Yankees employing a shift with three infielders on the right side of second base—which will be illegal beginning in 2023—2B Umpire Iassogna prepared for a potential stolen base attempt. As Ramirez swung at and missed pitcher Gerrit Cole's 98-mph fastball, Rosario ran toward second base, sliding in as the shifted-over Donaldson ran by to stab at the ball and tag.

As the play developed and fielder Donaldson's momentum took him toward right field, U2 Iassogna stuck with the action area of the play, following the path of the baseball, which had come loose after Donaldson's glove made contact with Rosario's helmet.

After confirming the dropped ball, Iassogna nonchalantly signaled the runner safe. This might sound like a simple call—the ball is rolling on the infield dirt after all—but mechanically, it's easy to lose one's timing and officiate such a play too early by giving a premature out signal. Instead, Iassogna remained patient, and was thus able to practice baseball's General Instructions to Umpires (Official Baseball Rule 8.00):

"Keep your eye everlastingly on the ball while it is in play. It is more vital to know just where a fly ball fell, or a thrown ball finished up then whether or not a runner missed a base. Do not call the plays too quickly, or turn away too fast when a fielder is throwing to complete a double play. Watch out for dropped balls after you have called a player out."

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: 2B Umpire Iassogna exemplifies patience is a virtue with dropped ball safe call (CCS)


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