Thursday, May 4, 2023

Umpires Order Pitcher to Remove Wedding Ring - Rule ?

On the last day of a series featuring two umpire arguments from Pirates manager Derek Shelton, Chief Adrian Johnson's crew on Thursday ordered Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Zach Eflin to remove a wedding ring from his finger. Where does that rule come from and what is the umpire's role. You asked, we have an answer.

Official Baseball Rule 6.02(c)(7), entitled Pitching Prohibitions states, "The pitcher shall not have on their person, or in their possession, any foreign substance. 
Comment: The pitcher may not attach anything to either hand, any finger or either wrist (e.g., Band-Aid, tape, Super Glue, bracelet, etc.). The umpire shall determine if such attachment is indeed a foreign substance for the purpose of Rule 6.02(c)(7), but in no case may the pitcher be allowed to pitch with such
 attachment to their hand, finger or wrist."

Accordingly, it is within the umpire's duties to require a pitcher remove a violative attachment prior to pitching or at any time during their pitching appearance, regardless of which hand the attachment is on or what material it is made out of (e.g., rubber vs metal).

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Crew Chief Adrian Johnson orders Rays pitcher Zach Eflin to remove ring (CCS)


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