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UEFL Profile of MLB Umpire Quinn Wolcott

Presenting the UEFL Profile of MLB Umpire Quinn Wolcott.
MLB Umpire Quinn Wolcott.
Name: Quinn Wolcott
Date of Birth: June 17, 1986
Place of Birth: Puyallup, Washington

MiLB Leagues Worked: Arizona, Northwest, Midwest, Carolina, California, Southern, Pacific Coast.
MLB Debut: 2013
Level: MLB
Umpire Uniform Number: 81
Crew Chief: No

2016 Ejections: 3.
Ejection 111 (CIN M Bryan Price; QOC = N).
Ejection 105 (ARI M Chip Hale; QOC = Y).
Ejection 104 (SF M Bruce Bochy; QOC = U).

2015 Ejections: 3.
Ejection 170 (SEA M Lloyd McClendon; QOC = Y).
Ejection 162 (KC C Salvador Perez; QOC = Y).
Ejection 030 (OAK M Bob Melvin; QOC = Y).

2014 Ejections: 4.
Ejection 144 (TB M Joe Maddon; QOC = N).
Ejection 098 (OAK M Bob Melvin; QOC = U).
Ejection 073 (BOS C AJ Pierzynski; QOC = Y).
Ejection 069 (MIA BC Rob Leary; QOC = Y). [First Career Ejection]

2013 Ejections: None.
Ejection History: 0 (2013), 4 (2014), 3 (2015), 3 (2016).

UEFL History: Quinn Wolcott

Postseason and Special Events History
World Baseball Classic: 2013Q
All-Star Game: -
Wild Card Game: 2016
Division Series: 2017
Championship Series: -
World Series: -

Notes: Hired at age 28 to replace veteran Gary Darling, who had 28 years of service at retirement.
» Graduated from Emerald Ridge High School in 2005, where he played baseball.
» Began his umpiring career at the age of 16 by joining the Puyallup Valley Umpires Association.
» When hired out of Umpire School (JEAPU) in 2006, he became the youngest pro ump at the age of 19.
» Played the euphonium and is a former regional solo contest winner.


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