Saturday, November 10, 2018

2018 MLB Japan All-Star Series Umpire Roster

Major League umpires Eric Cooper, Jeff Kellogg, and Quinn Wolcott are in Tokyo for the 2018 MLB Japan All-Star Series, joining several NPB umpires for the exhibition series. Meanwhile, the umpire mask camera that we saw in use during the 2014 series is back. For instance, here is a Juan Soto home run from said ump cam.

In 2014, Chris Conroy, Jerry Layne, and Mike Winters traveled to Japan for the best-of-five series between the MLB All-Stars and Samurai Japan (Japan's national team), plus one exhibition game between the MLB squad and a combination squad comprised of teams from Hanshin and Yomiuri. This year, the pre-series exhibition game featured MLB's team against the Yomiuri Giants.
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MLB Umpires
> Eric Cooper.
> Jeff Kellogg.
> Quinn Wolcott.

Nippon Professional Baseball Umpires
> Atsushi Fukaya.
> Shinichiro Hara.
> Takayuki Ichikawa.
> Kenjiro Mori.
> Kazuaki Nakoh.
> Naoto Shikita.

While MLB sent Cooper, Kellogg, and Wolcott to Japan, NPB sent umpires Shinji Hashimoto and Chikara Tsugawa to the Arizona Fall League, where they have been working with AFL umpires for the past few weeks.
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