Umpire Leaderboard

The following table contains umpire standings and corresponding statistics. All information accurate as of the most recent day containing fully finalized ejections. For UEFL Umpire Profiles, consult the Umpire Roster.

To read the chart, Rank (Ej) indicates the Umpire's rank amongst all MLBU. # pertains to the umpire's sleeve number; Level is either MLB or AAA and refers to the umpire's position on the full-time MLB staff (MLB) or as a minor league call-up/part time fill-in (AAA); Ejections is the umpire's ejection count, year-to-date. Total Pts represents points accrued in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League and CC Points pertains to crew chief points earned in the UEFL's Crew Division.


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where is the 2014 umpire mlb schedule?

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