Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Staff: Jeruhmed

The Left Field Corner is pleased to announce a new addition to the UEFL Staff. Please welcome jeruhmed, who will serve as the UEFL's co-administrator, appellate rules interpreter, and will take responsibility for all linking activity on the website. As co-administrator, jeruhmed is authorized to create or edit any UEFL post; as appellate rules interpreter, he will rule on any appeals regarding any variable specified by UEFL Rules 6.b. and 6.c., including but not limited to Quality of Correctness, Name of Ejector, and Reason for Ejection; he additionally will assume sole responsible for creating, posting, and maintaining all links from the UEFL website. Appellate decisions may come from either the CAScreaminDude or Jeruhmed accounts.

Jeruhmed finished 13th in the UEFL last season, and is participating once again this year, with Gerry Davis as his Primary Umpire and Brian O'Nora as his Secondary Umpire. Accordingly, jeruhmed will not serve as a rules interpreter for any ejection involving Gerry Davis or Brian O'Nora, wherein Davis or O'Nora was an ejector or a calling umpire. Jeruhmed has served as a sports official in various sports, and at the high school and collegiate levels in baseball and softball.


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