Thursday, May 26, 2011

UEFL History: Referee Magazine

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League started as an e-mail chain in 2006 amongst a few friends. In July 2007, the Left Field Corner was formed at our former livejournal address with Mike Everitt leading the roster with seven ejections, until finally, in April 2011, we moved the site to the more reliable and customizable blogspot address we currently reside at, Over the years, the UEFL has evolved from an occasional e-mail that might have read: "5/9/06, Charlie Reliford (5/9, 1, NYY Bernie Williams), Doug Eddings (5/9, 1, NYM Julio Franco)," (look it up, it's accurate) to one of the first Left Field Corner blog posts, "Ejections: Rob Drake (1)." In 2010, the league opened to non-invitees, and in 2011, the second league interactive season, we have 37 participants. Since 2006, in addition to improving the way in which ejections are covered and objectively analyzed, the UEFL has added other labels: Umpire Odds/EndsDiscussionsCase PlaysPollsOther SportsUEFL Matters, and of course, Ejections. UEFL is on twitter and facebook and continues to expand with the new Roster and StandingsEjection ListCase PlaysUEFL Rulesbook, and Historical Data tabs. Over the past few seasons, UEFL features have been greatly expanded and refined, and already, further capabilities are being planned for next season.

Where is all of this going? In 2009, REFEREE Magazine featured the Left Field Corner livejournal website in their November 2009 publication. The clipping of that print allows us to take a brief look back at the early UEFL and see the great steps taken since then. Of course, REFEREE Magazine featured us in one of their more dissentious sections, but as some MLB Umpires like to say, "Nice to see you; good to be seen."


Anonymous said...

This league has an awesome website. I think it justifies many actions and calls made by MLB umpires. It is objective; not biased toward anyone, as the REF tidbit suggests.

Jared said...

Interesting history, thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Exciting stuff. Can't wait to see crew division make its debut next year.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything else new planned besides crew division. maybe a live draft or something?

Lindsay said...

A live draft is an excellent idea; we will take that into consideration. In addition, we're looking into chat room/live chat functionality and perhaps make a designated chat night weekly, monthly, or the like.

Anonymous said...

Live draft would be great...what about putting a small wager on things too?

Lindsay said...

I don't feel money/gambling is a good fit for the UEFL. I feel adding money to the equation would destroy the objective, fact, and rules based exercise that is the UEFL. People bet on teams; they do not bet on umpires, and I feel involving money would have an overall negative effect. I am always open to other suggestions, however, just not wagers or anything more than a "for fun" points system.

thexfactor264 said...

Has anyone seen this? It is full of laughs

Jeremy Dircks said...

I have to agree with Gil here on the gambling and money aspect. I'd also add the fact that, I don't necessarily think it is gives the best perception to involve money and analysis of officiating/umpiring. Obviously it isn't as if we were manipulating umpires, but I personally don't feel comfortable with ever mixing wagering with officiating and umpiring, even though this is a fantasy league. But, as Gil said, we are certainly open to ideas to make the UEFL expand and more exciting!

Lindsay said...


In regards to #24 on that list, Angels Manager Mike Scioscia was not ejected by Hunter Wendelstedt nor Tom Hallion on May 31, 2008. HP Wendelstedt had ruled Willits out for BR's interference. Had an ejection occurred, Quality of Correctness would have been Correct. Mgrs Jim Leyland and Bobby Cox were both ejected May 31, 2008, but not Mike Scioscia.

#19 refers to Ejections: CB Bucknor (1) from June 29, 2010. Quality of Correctness was Correct.

#18 is Dan Bellino (1) from April 30, 2011. Quality of Correctness was Correct.

#14 is Adrian Johnson (1, 2, 3) from July 20, 2010. Quality of Correctness for all three was Correct.

#8 is Mark Wegner (1)... #6 is the same ejection as #8... Quality of Correctness was Correct.

Is there a reason why QOC for many of those on the list was correct? Sure, there were a few ICs, but the overwhelming majority appeared to be correct.

Jeremy Dircks said...

On #22, Piazza was ejected by HP Umpire Mark Wegner and Valentine by 2B Umpire Ed Rapuano.

#21 The ejection of Gardenhire is actually one with a Quality of Correctness of Incorrect withMarty Foster (4) from July 31, 2008.

#20 Larry Bowa was ejected by Bruce Dreckman.

#17 We had Bob Davidson (1) on April 12, 2011, where the QOC was Incorrect.

#16 was Brian Runge (2, 3) from June 24, 2008, with a Quality of Correctness of Correct.

#15 was Jeff Kellogg (1, 2) on July 10, 2010...Quality of Correctness was Correct.

#14 was Adrian Johnson (1, 2, 3) on July 20, 2010 with a Quality of Correctness of Correct.

#13 was Angel Hernandez (2) on May 6, 2011. Quality of Correctness was Correct.

#10 was Marty Foster (2) on July 26, 2010. Quality of Correctness was Incorrect.

#7 was Todd Tichenor (1) on April 27, 2011. Quality of Correctness was Correct.

10 correct ejections vs. 3 incorrect. A couple of those ejections were multi-ejections, all of which were correct. So, that number is greater towards the correct side if you include those.

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