Friday, May 13, 2011

UEFL News: Join us on Facebook

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League is now on Facebook. The RSS feed is synced up to our Facebook wall, meaning you can now follow along from Facebook in addition to the URL. To do so, click here to go to UEFL's Facebook Page, or click the new Facebook button on the right column. UEFL on Facebook will be useful if Blogger goes down again and we are unable to post to Blogger, like it did for the past 24+ hours. We had content for you ready to go, but unfortunately, our host was down for all users at that time. In such an event, we will continue making Twitter/Facebook posts. In essence, we now have three outlets, all of which back up each other.

In regards to our host's downtime, Blogger is working on restoring posts & comments from that time frame; they should be up within the day, including the recent Bowa Poll post. The poll should still be open when that post comes back online. So far, we're looking at a tight race with over 350 votes in: 36% of you say Bowa is right regarding West/Francona, 35% agree with Bowa about the DiMuro case, and just 24% agree with Bowa's points about West/Gardenhire. 28% of you thought Bowa made some good points even if he was wrong about others, while 30% of you thought Bowa was dead wrong about everything.

We should be back online & fully operational (posts restored) by East Coast first pitches, tonight. According to blogger, comments should be back by final out, Sunday night.



Anonymous said...

Thank goodness! Great to have you back.

Jeremy Dircks said...

We do have our Bowa post back, with the poll results (and a few days left to answer). However, we still don't have our comments back fully restored. Blogger is apparently still trying to get it restored, but we shall see. Blogger was down for everyone, so hopefully everything is back in order. But, the fact we can comment is a good sign.

kickersrule said...

Its on facebook now! Next year we are gonna have 200 people in the league. There isnt enough umpires for that!

Lindsay said...

All, you can now access UEFL Facebook by navigating to

So that's...

Jack said...

UEFL on Facebook! Nice, I'm happy to see I can access the League from a site like Facebook as well as Twitter. Too bad Google had to break for it to happen, but at least if Google messes up again, we have good alternatives on twitter/facebook!

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