Friday, September 9, 2011

Case Plays: Morning Mayhem

This Case Play has been completed. Congratulations to UEFL League Members cyclone14, sachmet, mtn335, RichMSN, and kickersrule, and new UEFL'er Brett, for correctly answering at least one part of the posted scenario. The correct response is:

(a) The regulation game is called and concluded. The box score shall reflect the game as having concluded after this replay reviewed home run. The home team wins, 4-3, in 7 innings. Rule 4.10(c).
(b) The terminated game is suspended and shall be resumed under the terms of Rule 4.12(b). The home team is leading, 4-3, with two outs in the bottom of the 7th. Rule 4.12(a)(1).

3 Point Added to:
sachmet, who is now in 2nd place in the UEFL with 31 points. (a, b, c)
mtn335, who is now tied for 4th place in the UEFL with 29 points. (a, b, c)
cyclone14, who is now in 5th place in the UEFL with 28 points. (a, b, c)
RichMSN, who is now in 9th place in the UEFL with 24 points. (a, b, c)
Brett, who is now tied for 33rd place in the UEFL with 3 points. (a, b, c)

2 points Added to:
kickersrule, who is now in 1st place in the UEFL with 39 points. (a, b)

Thank you for participating in this Case Play and congratulations to all participants, who responded with at least partial correctness. Stay tuned for further Case Plays. The original Case Play post has been reproduced below.

Pursuant to UEFL Rule 4.f., this Case Play is open for 48 hours from the time of this post (9/6/11 at 11:45 PM). During this time, all Case Play responses will remain in moderation (screened or invisible) until the 48 hour submission period is closed. To receive full point(s) credit, you must answer the following scenario correctly, including any relevant MLB Rule(s) and all relevant results of the play after applying said rule(s).

Video: The Rainy Review

Using the Official Baseball Rules (OBR), please answer the following scenario:

Going to the top of the 7th inning of a rain-plagued game, the home team is leading the visitors, 3-2. In the top of the 7th, the visiting team scores to tie the contest, 3-3. As in the video above, with the contest tied at 1:57 am local time, there are two outs and none on in the bottom of the 7th inning. B1 hits a fly ball to deep left field, where it is touched by fans around the fence-line, falls back into the field of play, and is called a home run by U3 as B1 makes his way around [and legally touches] the bases (see above video). During the ensuing instant replay review, which ends at 2:00am, the umpires decide to uphold the home run call, making the score 4-3. For the following scenarios (a) and (b), answer the following question: "How shall the outcome of this game be determined; what score shall appear in the box at the stoppage of play; will the contest be resumed at a future date?" (a) Upon returning to the field, the umpires decide to stop play due to weather. After another lengthy rain delay, the umpires determine play cannot continue. (b) Upon returning to the field, the umpires decide to stop play due to a local curfew which specifies that no game may continue past 2:00am local time. (c) Cite your rules for both parts (a) and (b). (1 pt for [a], 1 pt for [b], 1 pt for [c])

Consult the UEFL Rulesbook for further information regarding Rule 4.f and Case Plays.


Anonymous said...

a) The game is called, and the home team wins, 4-3. The game has become a regulation game, pursuant to 4.10.c. The game is not suspended - while the visiting team has scored, 4.12.a.5 does not apply as the home team has retaken the lead. 4.12.a.NOTE specifically points out that only the 6 conditions in 4.12.a.1-6 are sufficient to suspend a game.

b) The game is suspended due to curfew, pursuant to 4.12.a.1, and is allowed to be suspended under 4.12.a. In this case, the game would continue at a later date as described in 4.12.b - generally the following day. Since it is a regulation game at this point, 4.12.a.7-8 would not apply (regardless of adoption), and the following game would be a standard 9-inning game.

EXTRA CREDIT: If the umpires stopped play due to weather at 1:57 local time, and three minutes later the rain delay extended past the curfew time, the game would be called instead of suspended. That case is covered in 4.12.a.NOTE. Given that, the exact timing and reasoning of delaying the game becomes critical in determining the outcome.

Anonymous said...

From Rich MSN:

I'll include the rule references in A and B.

(a) The game is official and the home team wins 4-3. The game was not stopped due to curfew, but because of weather -- and 4.12 NOTE says that weather supersedes curfew and the game will not be suspended if it is a regulation game and it is (by subsections of 4.10(c)). The home team is winning and the visiting team has batted at least 5 times.

(b) The game is suspended and must be continued at a later time, score 4-3, 2 outs, bottom 7. 4.12(a)(1) is the reference. The game was not stopped due to weather but curfew and must be suspended.

Anonymous said...

I've already got mine in, but isn't the case play open until 9/8/11 at 11:45 PM?

Brett said...

I am not part of the league but I would like to answer.

For (A), This becomes a called, regulation game. the Home team wins 4-3. Rule 4.10(c)(2).

For(B), this called suspended game. Game would be resumed from exact point of suspension at a later date. Home team leads 4-3, Bottom 7th inning and 2 outs. Rule 4.12(a)(1).

Nathan said...

In (a), with more than five innings having been completed, when the umpires terminate play the game is over; the home team wins, 4-3. The box score will indicate the home run in the bottom of the seventh inning. The game is complete and will not be resumed.

In (b), the local curfew causes the game to be suspended. The score remains 4-3 in favor of the home team with two outs and bases empty in the bottom of the seventh. The outcome of the game will be determined by continuation from that point prior to the next game between the two clubs at the same location (or at the opposing ground if the original home ground is unworkable). The game may become a "called game" if not completed before the season is over...see 4.12(b)(4) for details.

(c) Citations

In (a), see relevant sections below


(a) A regulation game consists of nine innings, unless...shortened...(2) because the umpire-in-chief calls the game.

(c) If a game is called, it is a regulation game:
(1) if five innings have been completed

The score of a regulation game is the number of runs scored by each team the moment the game ends.

(d) A called game ends the moment the umpire terminates play, unless it becomes a suspended game pursuant to Rule 4.12(a).


(a)A game shall be a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following reasons:
(5) Weather, if a regulation game is called while an inning is in progress and before the inning completed, and the visiting team has scored one or more runs to take the lead, and the home team has not re-taken the lead.

Rationale: This is a regulation game per 4.10; the game is not a suspended game per 4.12(a); therefore, per 4.11 the final score is the score when the game is called (4-3 home team).

In (b), see Rule 4.12 SUSPENDED GAMES:

(a) A game shall be a suspended game that must be completed at a future date if the game is terminated for any of the following reasons:
(1) A curfew imposed by law

4.12(b) describes the resumption and completion procedure for a suspended game.

cyclone14 said...

a) At this point, it is a regulation game. Therefore, the final score would be 4-3 for the home team. The contest will not be resumed at a future date.
b) A local curfew is a reason for a game to be suspended, and because it has reached the point of being a regulation game, it can officially be suspended. It shall be resumed and completed from the exact point where the suspension occurred.
c) part A- (4.10c); part B- (4.12)

Anonymous said...

So 72 hours after posting? (It was posted 9/6/11, 11:45 PM. To wit, it's currently 9/7/11 5:56 PM CT.)

Lindsay said...

You're right, 9/8/11 at 11:45 PM. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I am still unable to sign in so once again this is kickersrule...

A) the game is over the yankees win 4-3

B) Game will be played at a later date with the score 4-3 and 2 outs in the bottom of 7th.

Anonymous said...

Im just wondering why this is a case play, it seems fairly straight forward, and is not some Kooky, extremely improbable baseball scenario that Case Plays often are.

Lindsay said...

@ Anonymous 8:21 PM, Case Plays are part rules analysis, application, and an exercise in knowledge of the game. Some rules, and accordingly some Case Plays, are easier to grasp and apply.

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