Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ejections: Marty Foster (6)

3B Umpire Marty Foster ejected Cubs Manager Mike Quade for arguing an instant replay: overturned home run call in the bottom of the 8th inning of the Astros-Cubs game. With two out and one on, Cubs batter Carlos Peña hit a 1-2 changeup to deep left field. The original call on the field made by Foster was a home run, however after replay review the call was overturned and ruled a double. Replays indicate the ball hit the top of the yellow line on the Wrigley Field basket, but not behind. A ball that hits the top or front of the basket is in play, the call was correct. The primary calling umpire is Jeff Nelson as acting Crew Chief (with the absence of Tim Tschida), who made the determination of overturning the original call.* At the time of the ejection, the Astros were leading, 3-2. The Astros ultimately won the contest, 3-2.

This is Marty Foster (60)'s sixth ejection of 2011.
Marty Foster now has 23 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (20 Previous + 2 MLB + 1 Correct Call [Crewmate] = 23).
Marty Foster was not drafted in 2011.
*Jeff Nelson is credited as the calling umpire under UEFL Rule 6.b.iii.a.2.

This is the 192nd ejection of 2011.
This is the 94th Manager ejection of 2011.
This is Mike Quade's seventh ejection of 2011, leading Major League Baseball in all non-umpire ejections.

Wrap: Astros at Cubs 9/18/11 Wrap
Video: Nelson overturns Peña's home run.


Anonymous said...

Is there another video available (since the video link provided doesn't show either the overturned call or the ejection)?

Anonymous said...

No video yet of the actual overturn and ejection. Guess we'll have to wait for MLB again....

Cricket said...

Quade is an idiot...

Just one reason he won't be managing the Scrubs next season.

Anonymous said...

Great overturn by Nelson & crew. Foster saw the carom come off, and it's honestly one of those caroms that is one in a thousand. The ball rarely hits the top of the yellow line and comes back like that in Chicago. It either bounces straight down or straight up - some degree of deflection, usually never straight back from whence it came. So Foster saw the unusual hit, and probably assumed it must have hit the brick in back. But a fairly simple call, good job by Jeff Nelson, and Quade is arguing a reversed call - a replay call - he's got to go.

Anonymous said...

Quade wasn't actually arguing the replay, he was arguing whether Castro should have been allowed to score. But the umpires got that aspect of the call correct also and Quade was given at least two minutes to argue and when Foster finally heard enough, he ran him. Good toss by Foster and good ruling by Nelson and crew.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tschida was in KC from Thur-Sat along with Tichenor, Gibson, and Hernandez. Clint Fagan replaced Tschida for Sunday's game.

Big Marc said...

What else can be said except, Jeff Nelson is an absolute brilliant umpire.
@Anonymous 7:20pm- So Timmy is not hurt, he just had to be the CC in K.C.? Says a lot about this crew. Jeff, Tim, Marty, and Bill are no doubt the best crew around. I think MLB could leave this crew intact and let them work the playoffs.
@Cricket- That would be reason #46 Quade won't be back next year.
@7:12- Nice observation. On replay it was clear, but live your right, it would be hard (in the rain) to judge the ball hitting that yellow line. Only real baseball guy's can understand how this call can be missed. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

As a cubs fan yes Quade is an absolute idiot. Next year? he shoulda been fired this year. Wait, he never shoulda been hired. Part of why Hendry is gone. How he is still there is beyond me.

Jeff Nelson is indeed a great umpire.

Now my question: Why are we seeing all the moving around & splitting of crews? Any stats on crew splits this year as compared to years past? Seems like a lot. Tim T gets moved to CC in KC, then Jeff is taken off his crew to fill the slot? Part of it seems to be less trusting of several #2 guys to be acting CC but I also remember a #3 Jim Wolfe maybe? filling in with two callups... Also a few weeks ago we had two CCs on the same crew, I think it was Jeff kellogg moved to Tim McClellands crew... Gil? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

@jb- There have been a lot of strange switches just this week alone. Three crew chiefs are MIA this weekend (Welke,Davis and Hirshbeck).

Hirshbeck has been out the whole week with Wally Bell acting as a crew chief (I think he will be the next ump hired a a CC). The weekday crew in Texas was Bell, Diaz, Barry and Dimuro who came from Welke's crrw while Carapzza filled in on Welke's crew (that seemed odd to me). Than this weekend in DC, Diaz goes to Rapuano's crew in Baltimore to replace Ed Hickox while Dimuro goes back to his normal crew in Oakland and Cory Blaser and Vic Carapzza join Bell and Barry for what might be the youngest crew we have seen all year with Scott Barry as the 2.

Tim Welke worked the weekday series in Houston with Reynolds, Fletcher and Carapzza. Then they went to Oakland and Tim Welke dissapeared. He was replaced by Eric Cooper as an acting CC who hadn't worked a weekday series at all even though his crew did work this week. They were also rejoined by Mike Dimruro in Oakland. Very strange indeed.

Gerry Davis's crew is more self explanatory. During the weekday series, Davis worked with his normal crew of Hernandez, Gibson and Tichenor in Boston. This weekend in Kansas City, Gerry Davis dissapeared and was replaced by another CC Tim Tscida. Then Tschida was absent on Sunday while being replaced by Clint Fagan working only the second game of his career.

Tschida was with his normal crew of Nelson,Foster and B.Welke in LA but was replaced by David Rackley in Chicago while Tschida acted as a CC for Davis. Nelson acted as the CC on this crew.

For Rapuano's crew, During the weekday series in KC Brian O'Nora was the acting CC while Rapuano was absent. He was joined by Marquez, Hickoz and Blaser. This weekend Rapuano returned in Baltiomore while Ed Hickox was nowhere to be found. Diaz and Blaser also flip-flopped crews with Diaz joining Rapuano. On Saturday, Brian O'Nora got injured during warm-ups and left the game. They ended up working a three man crew on Saturday and Alan Porter was added to replace O'Nora's spot on Sunday.

For Gary Darling's crew during the weekday series in Cincy, it was Darling, Drake, Porter and Rackley on Monday. Paul Emmel rejoined the crew on Tuesday replacing Rackley. Once they got to Philly this weekend, Bruce Dreckaman returned and Alan Porter was given the boot.

Tom Hallion's crew had some craziness all week. They started in Baltimore on Monday for a three game series. The normal crew of Hallion, Miller, Cuzzi and Hoye worked on Monday and Tuesday. Mike Estabrook replaced Phil Cuzzi on Wednesday. Then they went to Philly on Thursday for a make-up double header. Estabrook was used as the fifth umpire for the double header while Cuzzi returned to work game 2. Estabrook stayed with cre on Friday in Cincinnati while James Hoye went missing. Hoye returned on Saturday replacing Tom Hallion. Hallion returned on Sunday replacing Bill Miller.

For Jeff Kellogg's crew, Eric Cooper was replaced by Mike Muchlinski the entire week.

For Joe West's crew. It was the usual suspects in Pittsburgh with West, Holbrook, Schreiber and Fairchild. This weekend they had a long trip to Colorado and Chad Fairchild did not go along for the ride. He was replaced by Angel Campos this entire weekend.

Out of 15 crews that worked this week the only ones had all 4 usual members were Scott,Gorman,Layne,Winters,McCleland and Cederstrom. That is only 6 out of 15 crews. As you can see it was a wild week for umpire scheduling.

Anonymous said...

And look for Clint Fagan to stick around. Rumour is that he'll be in the Twins-Mariners series this week.

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